July 27, 2010

See for yourself, have I not grown?

This tiny bundle we brought home last year is now a self propelled high powered engine.

                                                                Aarush on 26/07/2010

July 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Aarush!

My dearest baby…Congrats on completing one year. What a fun filled and eventful year it has been for us, isn’t it?Ever since your arrival, we have had so much more fun together and bonded more as a family.  Tiny little one, you have spread so much happiness in our lives!

With your sister, I have always felt that I have been inadequate since I failed to capture and enjoy a lot of exciting developments and she grew up too fast for me to catch up with her. I've tried not to make that same mistake with you. I made sure that right from day one I would cherish and treasure each moment with you. Though there were some not so good and some extremely bad days, looking back I can truthfully say that I never felt saddled by it all.  And now I am so thrilled to see you transform from the tiny helpless tadpole that you were to a lion cub prowling around on all fours, to a miniature he-man on tiny twos, always an energetic and babbling and drooling bundle!

The coming year is going to be as eventful and busy one for you and we look forward to seeing you dish out loads of exciting surprises for us, reaching numerous milestones, filling our house with mischief and laughter and enjoying each moment of our life with you.

My precious little one, as you go ahead on this beautiful adventure of life, may you be blessed with abundance of love, encouragement and support from your family and friends. May you have the faith in yourself to stand by your beliefs and convictions in face of oppositions. May you have the courage to face the obstacles head on while proceeding on the path of truth. May you have the confidence to get up after each fall and move on steadfastedly. May you have the strength in you to forgive and to be fair. May god bestow upon you good health and wisdom and may he be the guiding light for you along your path of life.

Happy Birthday my dearest little son!

July 15, 2010

In the picture

                                                        Appu on 16/10/2003

Aarush on 26/07/2009

The monkeying we did!

A cancelled meeting in the Dubai office gave me a long awaited chance to hang around with Appu.  Went to Festival City.  Our usual visits to FC end with a trip to Ikea or Hyperpanda.  But today was different.  The long pending trip to Build a Bear Workshop materialised.  And we walked out with the latest addition to our family - a huggable and endearing chimp named Bubbles (named after MJ's chimp, remember him?) that was totally Appu's creation.

Bubbles, who was "all skin and no bones" was plumped up enough to make him worthy of a tight hug.  Bubbles was then given a bright red heart after filling it up with warmth, love and energy.  He was taught to sing "Happy Birthday".  And since the football mania is still around, he was smartly dressed up in a football jersey, kneepad and all. 

To make the experience more exciting, Bubbles was given and "official" birthcertificate recording his dob, name, height, weight etc. 

All this was done by a very loving sister to gift her younger brother the most special gift for his first birthday!

July 14, 2010

Little Tikri

This book from DC's Tumbi collection has been with us for the past few months.  But only today did the three of us snuggle together and enjoy it.  The book is about Little Tikri, a happy baby elephant who strays away from his herd and is taken away to a far away place.  Appu liked it that the story supposedly took place in Sri Lanka and thinks that Tikri might have been taken to the Elephant Orphanage at Pinnewala. She was sad that Tikri never got to meet his mother again, though.  Aarush loved the sound effects I could put into my reading.  And I loved being able to spend 20 minutes with the two of them close to me.

July 13, 2010

Musings of a mushy mom

Aarush is soon going to turn a year old! My boy seems to be the topic that I blog about most. Can’t help it as I am enjoying motherhood so much more with him that with Appu. As I mentioned in an earlier post, with Appu I was a mom with bare minimum involvement. Though I must add, I am enjoying Appu more these days. Even though she does give me real hard times, I am discovering more and more about her each day. I am amazed at how matured and grown up she can be at times, how utterly irritating and nosy a pest she can be at times and much to my disdain how rebellious and totally defiant she can be at times.

Aarush is fast becoming a very delicious cherry pie topped with a generous scoop of the yummiest cream. Its unbelievable that this is the very same baby who was so peaceful just a few months back, charming all with his ready smiles, open arms and constant drools. Overnight he has turned into a little rascal whose mission each day is to be up on his oh-so-tiny twos, stuffing himself into anything that he can barely get his body into, conquering new heights, demolishing anything stacked up neatly in any corner of the house, ripping pages of any old magazines or books within his reach, practicing and improving his biting skills mostly on his sister, openly proclaim his dislike for the way ammoomma has arranged the kitchen and implement changes at his own will.

He does very little crawling nowadays and prefers to go around his business with on his feet. In cases of major emergencies, such as his rightful place of honour on ammoomma’s or amma’s lap being usurped by his sis, he can even manage to change gear at short notice and race around with his arms raised hollering tiny mouthfuls at her. He loves pushing and lugging things around and I encourage him. (Yeah.. ulterior motives here..I am hopefully raising a lad who in the future can be at my beck and call for rearranging the furniture around the house. He loves music and can actually dance. (Yes, I consider the wiggling and jiggling and the bum shaking accompanied by the flaying hands as dance!) He likes to chew on everything he comes across and now we have remotes drenched in his sugary drools, half-swallowed-but-pulled-out-by-the-rescue-team curtain tiebacks, chewed-and-curled-up sofa edges what not. The other day I discovered a threadbare patch on a blanket of his. No points for guessing.

I feel so blessed when at the end of a day made so tiresome by the above antics, the little one curls up beside me, warm tiny body of his snuggled against me, a little head in the crook of my arm, breathing deeply, smiling at times and sleeps contently through out the night. My little baby, aint Amma lucky to be your mom!

July 11, 2010

Lovely locks and curls

The soft curls are encroaching upon the limited space on the tiny forehead and the nape. Time for yet another first. Yes…Aarush’s first haircut.

The curls are adorable and I am unreasonably and shamelessly sentimental (boo… hoo !!) about having his first strands of hair removed…! Soon this too will be done…after his first birthday on 26th.

Uff..those hows and whys

Appu’s abacus classes at BrainObrain starts today. The classes will be held twice a week for 2 hours.

The bus driver was on line with me while I was at work informing that he would be reaching below our building in 5 minutes. I was frantically trying to call home so that they would be able to get ready and come down before the bus arrives. Appu answers the phone.

Me: Appu, the bus will be coming down in 5 minutes. Please ask Ammoomma to take you down.
Appu : How do you know he will come in 5 minutes?
Me (hoping its not one of those sessions) : He told me.
Appu : How he told you?
Me : I called him on his mobile.
Appu : How "you" got his number?
Me : I got it from BrainObrain
Appu : How "they" got his number?
Me (Oh no, just what I feared!) : He is working with them. They asked him and got his number.
Appu : Okie, how "he" got his number?
Me (grinding my teeth) : What??
Appu – See, when he was a baby and a child , he did not have a number, right? So now from where did he get the number?
Me (rolling my eyes – tell me, can u expect such questions even at 61/2? I thought we were long past that) – Can you now just get ready and go down. The bus will be coming in a moment! (Thank Gawd!!)

July 8, 2010

The sinner in me

I have seen this tag doing its round all through blogworld and was feeling a tad low that no one had tagged me. On second thoughts, what the hell, I might as well take it up and do it on my own as mentioned in my comment in Rohini's post. To my greatest joy I have been tagged today by IHM. I am gladly going to take it up and celebrate my very first tag. Thank you IHM and Rohini.

Here are a few things traits of mine contrary to those expected from members of my gender:

1) Cooking is one of the things that I hate doing. Needless to say I am a lousy cook. B is a much better cook than me. Helps that he enjoys cooking as well. Most of the cooking at home is done by mom though.
2) I can converse better with on topics such as current affairs, economy, books etc than on mouthwatering recipes, h/m/bollywood gossip, fashion trends, skin care tips, problems with maids etc.
3) I handle the finance at home. All savings and investment plans are researched and compared by me.
4) I have smoked regularly and enjoyed it as well in my late teens. I am totally off it now and would never recommend it to anyone though.
5) I am most comfortable in minimal or no make up. I am not willing to take pains just to look good and cannot imagine punishing myself to go around in high heels or heavy silks or chunky jewellery even if the situation demands it.
6) I love reading and its definitely not the mushy romances and I cannot imagine starting the day without the seeing the headlines atleast.
7) I do not watch any of the never ending tear jerking serials on TV.
8) I love animals and most of dogs. Not the dolled up and furry ones. I mean the big and fierce ones.
9) I dislike shopping except for home decor or for kids clothes. I have a few comfortable clothes and shoes that feels nice on me and I do not mind wearing them till they are threadbare whether or not they look nice on me.
10) I do not have a fancy for those pink mobiles or the twinkling ones. neither have I ever had dainty / chunky keychains. My key chains are the no nonsense kind either in leather / metal.
11) I love cars and try not to miss any of the Auto exhibitions in this part of the world. I have been driving from the time I was permitted to as per the law. I love driving though I am not too adventurous and prefer being a safe driver.
12) I whistle and am very good at it. Whistling is a stress reliever for me much to the ire of my mom and hubby.
13) I am the ruthless one at home. I do not get moved by sob stories either in real life / movies or in books. I have noticed a change in this after the birth of my son though.
14) I head a group of 14 all male staff.
15) I am uncomfortable when others fuss over me, try to pamper me , make me feel special etc.
16) I have always kept my nails short and have short and square fingers. I have no qualms about using my naisl to pull out stapler pins without depending on the staple removers even though it leaves me with ridged nails.
17) I used to climb the filing rack to pull out files earlier whereas all the other women folk would require the help of the office assistant. I even used to change the 5 gallon water bottles kept atop the dispenser.
18) i ogle at pretty and well dressed women and am usually the one to nudge B when I spot one.

All said and done, until now I have never considered any of the above traits of mine as manly. And on the same note, I consider myself very very feminine and am very soft spoken, family oriented and shy person usually, love to be surprised with gifts like flowers, teddies still etc.

I dont think I will tag anyone as almost all the blogs I follow seems to have received the tag and will happily take up the curse.

To each its own!

Yet another milestone in Aarushland. He is now able to correlate things to their use. Here are a few cute examples in his words:

1) Don’t leave any hair brushes leaving around.. I will use it to comb my hair ---- so what if I use the side without bristles!

2) Wonder why amma is finding it such a task change my diapers? Poor thing ..she has to sing, coo, shout , snarl…what not to keep me from wriggling…Cant she understand that I have better no time to waste and need to rush off to my next adventure…come on …just give it to me and I know where it has to be kept!

3) First off all at grandma’s insistence they put this (girlie) tinkling silver (girlie) anklets on my legs…doesn’t she know I am a man and this thing feels so girle! On top of that it keeps coming off even when I take a nice stretch on bed…! Umpteen number of times I have to sit and struggle with it unsuccessfully trying to get in back on my leg. U cannot blame me for not trying enough!

4) All the tidbits of paper left around by my messy sis…I go around cleaning up the place singing
Bits of paper,
Bits of paper;
Lying on the floor,
Lying on the floor;
Make the place untidy,
Make the place untidy;
Pick them up,
Pick them up.
Shove it into your mouth,
Shove it into your mouth!

July 6, 2010

What's in a name?

I had second thoughts about the name of my blog and my blog title after reading the following


So I have decided to go in for a change and given it a new name - Of rainbows and kites.

These are 2 things which remind me that small things in life can bring about a unprecedented joy. Firstly, I have never been fortunate to see a full rainbow up in the sky and yearn for the moment I will be able to spot one. I can imaginethe exhilaration and awe i would feel when I see one. This would give me pure unadulterated joy.

Secondly, I have always wanted to fly a kite. The very thought of the seeing the kite dancing up in the sky to the tunes controlled by me gives me a lot of thrill.

The experince I anticipate from my blog is similar to these. A place where I can note down the tidbits in my life and the pleasures and pain I experienced / will experience in bringing up my babies. Something which I believe will never fail to elate me when I read thro' the posts at a later date. So here is the renamed version.

July 5, 2010

Review - Mummy and me

I am all bleary eyed today. Reached home at 1.30 am after having watched Mummy and Me, the movie starring Urvashi, Archana Kavi, Mukesh, Kunchako Boban etc. The director Jeethu Joseph attempts to capture a very common and increasing issue which arises due to the differences in outlook and values that exist between generations. Clara, the character portrayed by Urvasi, has regular clashes with her rebellious teenaged daughter Jewel (Archana Kavi). The father Jo (Mukesh) dons the cap of the mediator and settles the issues.

Dejected by the poor state of affairs at home, Jewel turns to internet and chat rooms for solace and finds Ameer, an orphan and fashion designer, who is able to transform Jewel by his gentle support and guidance. However, the film falls flat with the entrance of Ameer. I would have preferred it if the film projected the efforts made by the mother and the daughter in improving their relation rather than bringing in an invisible third person that too chosen from a chat room. This may give the thousands of teenagers facing oppression at home the impression that the net and chat rooms are the solutions to end their misery where they may come across a guardian angel. A better option would have been to use the services and advice of the psychologist Saleem (Anoop Menon). To sum it up, though the persistent problem was well portrayed, the solution was not convincing.

Urvasi as usual was excellent and Clara as the over protective, possessive, and control hungry mother was safe on her shoulder. Archana Kavi was a huge disappointment – be it in looks, acting, dress sense, whatever. Mukesh was passable and Kunchako too did a fair job though he is not very convincing as an MBA student with his paunch and sagging body. All my votes go to the little boy (Jokuttan - I don’t know his real name) who threw in a few refreshing and light moments and the very lovable Lalu Alex who is luvvvable as the all understanding and jovial father of Kunchako.

All in all, a so-so movie with a theme that has good potential for hitting the family crowd especially considering that youth of Kerala are slowly emerging from the conservative attitudes and daring to be rebellious and experimental causing many moms the agony and pain experienced by Clara. But the script messed it up beyond repair.

This is Aarush’s third movie after Ghost House and Ravanan. With Appu, we did not dare to step into a movie until she was all of 3 yrs. The boy, I tell you, is a darling and enjoyed the first part even sitting up in his pram and watching without batting an eyelid until sleep came over.

Look before u leap..!

My feisty over confident young one thinks he is already a master in the art of walking. So much so that he tried his two little feet at a more interesting act…leaping, though only to end up flat on his face literally ending up with a red nose tip and bump on his forehead.

The young fans...

Been to Madras Light Vegetarian Restaurant in Abu Shagara. A small not so fancy place. But excellent food. The Madras filter coffee was just right..strong, sweet and hot….They serve excellent fried idlis as well but since we were early we did not get to enjoy it.

Watched the super duper hit, Shobana / Mohanlal starrer Manichitrathazhu for the nth time last evening. It was telecast for the nth time again on Asianet in honour of Late M G Radhakrishnan who passed away last week. Shobana never fails to impress me with her grace and expressive gestures. It’s a movie that will never bore you and deals with the relatively lesser ventured subject of dual personality. One of the few female-oriented films in recent times and Shobana has done complete justice to the role. The movie also has excellent music with my and B’s favourite being Palavattom Pookalam.

Appu enjoyed it thoroughly especially Shobana’s dance. It warmed my heart to see the little girl concentrating on the mudras and trying to identify them. Think it gave her a sense of pride to realize how the relatively simple steps and mudras she is currently learning gets interwoven to create beautiful a dance sequence. I was bombarded with questions about Shobana after the movie…who was her dance guru, how many years she learnt, did she learn the steps as well, when she did her arangetram etc etc. Shobana…u have got a die hard fan!

Talking of fans..Aarush is besotted by Waka Waka and more so by Shakira. He loved the score since he heard it the first time and invariably shakes his little bums back and forth. But ever since he watched the video, he is not willing to settle for anything less than the compete audio visual experience. Shakira’s energy and charm seems to have bowled him over!

July 4, 2010

Space City

Weekends just buzz past….sigh!

Friday was day out for Appu and she had a great time at Space City in Safeer Mall. The mercury levels here are rising to the point of exploding and we are left to restrict other creative activities and take Appu out to these kidzones. No complaints though since she loves it and is an absolute freak for all the fun rides!

And it also helps that Aarush prefers to nap through his pram ride!

July 1, 2010

Appu / Aarush updates

It was just yesterday that I did a post about Aarush’s first steps. We had started counting the no of steps that he could make at a do. I was stunned to see that by the time I reached home in the evening he could manage to walk across the hall! Oh my little one…amma is so proud of my fast learner. After a long time, got to click some snaps of the two. Shall post them soon.

Appu’s looong vacations have started and yet a dilemma as to how to get her to spend her time fruitfully. Though I am averse to the summer camps that are available in every nook and corner I might eventually have to settle for one. Have seen a place near our hosue which offers Keyboard, hip hop, art and craft and English speaking and writing skills. She will be resuming her swimming classes. I also have plans to put her in for iceskating which is available at Sharjah Women’s Club provide we can get a time that can fit into our schedule. Appu has started taking Bharatnatyam training since 3 months from a guru of mine. I had trained under Mohan sir for a short duration only though. We started off the classes on twice a week basis at out house. But the uncooperative people (L) below our apartment was having problems with the noise. We decided to shift the classes to the house of another girl who is in the group. Appu is the youngest in the group of 3, the others are both 10. She has a keen interest and has improved vastly over the past weeks.