July 15, 2010

The monkeying we did!

A cancelled meeting in the Dubai office gave me a long awaited chance to hang around with Appu.  Went to Festival City.  Our usual visits to FC end with a trip to Ikea or Hyperpanda.  But today was different.  The long pending trip to Build a Bear Workshop materialised.  And we walked out with the latest addition to our family - a huggable and endearing chimp named Bubbles (named after MJ's chimp, remember him?) that was totally Appu's creation.

Bubbles, who was "all skin and no bones" was plumped up enough to make him worthy of a tight hug.  Bubbles was then given a bright red heart after filling it up with warmth, love and energy.  He was taught to sing "Happy Birthday".  And since the football mania is still around, he was smartly dressed up in a football jersey, kneepad and all. 

To make the experience more exciting, Bubbles was given and "official" birthcertificate recording his dob, name, height, weight etc. 

All this was done by a very loving sister to gift her younger brother the most special gift for his first birthday!

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