October 24, 2009

Aarush's vitals statistics as on date

My Aarush baby is growing steadily....An update

Weight - 6.3 kg
Height - 62.5 cm
Head circumference - 40cm

October 22, 2009

I feel a bit low....

A few simple things that might make simple me feel better:

1) A new mug for tea/coffee in the office
2) A new photo frame for snaps of both the kiddos for my office desk
3) A feel good painting for my cabin wall
4) And last but not the least, I want to gift myself a small diamond pendant and earring set.

October 19, 2009

First Comment on my Blog

Yippeeee….I have got the first comment on my blog! Thanks Monika.

October 18, 2009

What answer shall I give?

Telephone conversation between me and Appu when she returned from school after distributing chocolates for her birthday:

Appu: Amma, I gave chocolates to all the students in class. I gave to all the teachers also. The teachers shook my hand and wished me Happy Birthday. Some of them said God Bless You also.

Me : That's very nice.

Appu : I gave D (her best friend) 2 chocolcates. Others I gave only 1. N (another girl in class whom she is not very fond of for some reason) came to me and asked "Abhirami, can u please give me one more chocolate". You kow what I did. I closed the box.

Me : That's very rude. You should not have done that. You should have given her one more.

Appu : No way..she said she wants to give ehr younger sister.

Me : Thats very sweet of her. You should have given her another chocolate for her to take to her sister. She asked you for another one because she loves her sister so much.

Appu : Amma, if she loves her sister so much, why cant she give her the chocolate I gave her?

I was dumbstruck!

Birthday celebrations

Appu’s birthday was celebrated dhoom dhaam se last Thursday, a day before her actual birthday.

The celebrations were underway from 13/10/2009 in a sense. Both me and B stayed up late until 2.00 am and decorated the hall and the corridor of our house. Appu was in for a pleasant surprise when she woke up the next morning and saw our home decked up. For her the thrill of the birthday celebrations had commenced.

I barely managed to keep myself awake in office the next day. I was totally tired and could not keep my eyes open after 9.00 pm the next. So B single handedly had to blow all the balloons and stick them on the walls. He had done such a wonderful job of it that I was surprised when I woke up at 1.00 am for Aarush’s feed. Appu was again in for a surprise the next day when she saw the balloons. It was as though the excitement was being given to her in small doses. Aarush loved the balloons too and was cooing the whole day looking at the balloons. Even his excitement was very evident. Since Appu’s school does not encourage much of celebrations in school for birthdays, it was limited to distribution of chocolates for the students and teachers.

Even was a rush. The party was scheduled to start at 6.00 pm and I managed to leave office at 5. Had to rush to collect the cake, get the food etc etc. We were finally home at 6.30 just when the kids were coming in. Then there was a melee at home. The cake was admired by all. Must say it was much more beautiful and tastier than I expected. Though nothing was planned earlier, I managed to throw in a few games and a few dancing sessions to entertain the kids. Though there was so much of a hungama at home it was sure fun. By the end of the party, my hall was an utter mess. The adults we had invited came in by 8.30 and we had a sumptuous dinner. The menu – aromatic boneless chicken biryani, parathas, chapathis, butter chicken, salad, raitha, and the jewel in the crown….mom’s very special beef fry….which was unbelievably tasty.

We hit bed at 2.00 am after the celebrations and after the last of the guests had left. Still, Appu was up at 7.00 am asking whether she could open the gifts. Wonder when she will pass over this craze for gifts! More than the actual gifts, I have realized that it is the excitement of opening the gifts and the surprise of seeing the gifts that interests her.

Posting a few photos of the celebrations….

October 13, 2009

6th Birthday

Appu turns 6 this 16th and she has been super excited about it. This year she has agreed to forego a party at any of the fast food outlets and has agreed to a small key affair at home. Since Thursday would be more convenient for all, we have decided to keep the party on 15th. We have invited a few of the girls from our building and a couple of her classmates. The cake has been ordered. She had initially suggested a Barbie cake, Power Puff Girls or Dora cake. But while at Mr. Baker, she opted for a Disney Barbecue cake. After the kids party, we will be having a few of our relatives and close friends over for dinner

Though in a few more days she will be 6, she refuses to call herself a 6 yr old and vehemently argues with me when I say that she is 6. Looks like she is concerned about ageing now itself!

October 11, 2009

Toothy tales

Appu’s milk tooth sprouted at 5 months and I always thought that she would loose the teeth also at an early age. Appu was deeply disheartened when her teeth were not falling off as many of her classmates were.

Now, to my little daughter’s great delight, both her lower incisors have become loose. Guess tooth fairy will have to pay us a visit soon!

Sweet comparison..

Appu has lately been comparing Aarush to gulab jamun. The reasons being:

1) Gulab Jamun in round and so is Aarush
2) Gulab Jamun is brown and so is Aarush
3) Gulab Jamun is sweet and so is Aarush

While on this topic, I should mention a cute remark from Appu a few days after brought Aarush home. She was sitting on the day bed in our room and nibbling on some barfis. I requested her not to eatin the bedroom and not to drop the crumbs on the floor. Her remark " OK Amma, some ants might come and seeing baby they might think he is chocolate and eat him, right?". Ahem...is this what we call chocolaty brown!

October 3, 2009

Flu Attack

The flu has got a real tight hold over the entire household or almost. I returned back to work on October 1st(more about that in another post). I was pretty much OK in the morning. But once I returned, I was so tired that I could barely stand. And by night I was having excruciating pain around the sinuses. Head was throbbing. I had no choice but to go to bed early. And save for the few times I woke up to feed the little guy, I slept for almost 2 hours. This is inspite of the fact that one of our closest friend and his family was at home.

On Friday, we took the little boy to the doctor as he was having temperature on and off and was also suffering from stuffy nose. He is fine now by the grace of God.

Today, it was my turn to visit the doctor in the morning. She has confirmed that I have severe infection and that I need to take a couple of days off from work(yippppeeeee!!!!). I am on antibiotics and a whole lot of other medicines.

By the time we returned, B was getting worse. We were kind of worried when we noticed blood in his phlegm. He was also feeling miserably tired. So at night, it was yet another visit to the clinic - this time for B. He has also been prescribed antibiotics and has also been asked to undergo a few blood tests tomorrow. Apparently, the blood could be because of severe infection or in the worst case, if accompanied by high temperature, could be a sign of pneumonia. To our relief his temperature is normal so far. And B being B, he feels that he should see his regular doctor again tomorrow. He could not see her today as it was late. So thats going to be the fourth visit in a row.

Anyways, I am off work for 2 days and B is also off tomorrow.