October 18, 2009

What answer shall I give?

Telephone conversation between me and Appu when she returned from school after distributing chocolates for her birthday:

Appu: Amma, I gave chocolates to all the students in class. I gave to all the teachers also. The teachers shook my hand and wished me Happy Birthday. Some of them said God Bless You also.

Me : That's very nice.

Appu : I gave D (her best friend) 2 chocolcates. Others I gave only 1. N (another girl in class whom she is not very fond of for some reason) came to me and asked "Abhirami, can u please give me one more chocolate". You kow what I did. I closed the box.

Me : That's very rude. You should not have done that. You should have given her one more.

Appu : No way..she said she wants to give ehr younger sister.

Me : Thats very sweet of her. You should have given her another chocolate for her to take to her sister. She asked you for another one because she loves her sister so much.

Appu : Amma, if she loves her sister so much, why cant she give her the chocolate I gave her?

I was dumbstruck!


Swaram said...

Wow! What logic :) Smart princess :)

Loved the pics of ur kids on the side bar :)

Swaram said...

N yes, belated wishes :) One chocolate will do ;)

Sandhya said...

@Swaram - Thanks Swaram. I shall pass on your wishes to her. And here are the chocolates