August 31, 2009

Moments of happiness

Thank you Aarush for gifting me so many moments of happiness and pride already. Just jotting down a few. I will be updating this list as and when my baby rewards me.

1) His tiny fist closed around my forefinger when I put it in his palms making me realise the trust he had in me.
2) He gazes into my eyes when I talk to him after our early morning feeding ritual.
3) I see his steady weight gain and feel pride in the fact that he is sustained purely by my breastmilk.
4) If he is in need of a nap as he finishes his feed, he substitues my breast as a warm cosy pillow and rests his head on it with so much authority.

Sorry my little princess

Appu, Amma owes a lot of apologies to you. Amma wants you to know that no matter what, Amma loves you deeply and you will forever be my prettiest princess.

Amma is sorry for taking out my post natal irritations on you. You are the most easiest target around and though I know this is really mean, Amma cannot control it at times. Amma knows that you love me a lot and that you love Aarush baby a lot as well. Amma knows that it is not very easy for you to have another person in the house eating up the attention that would have been lavished on you earlier. Amma knows that still you are trying very hard to be the sweetest sister. But at times, things get crazy for Amma and I punish you unnecessarily and too harshly. Amma still loves you a lot. And though Amma is not spending time with you earlier, playing pretend games, telling stories etc, Amma wants you to knpow that you are very very special and will always be there for you. And very soon, we will restart all the little things that you loved doing - monthly visits to Baskin Robbins, Saturdays with Funday, going for movies, playing doctor doctor, playing "Rock, paper, pencil, scissors", telling made up bedtime stories, everything. You are growing so fast also that at times I worry whether you will enjoy these things as much now!

Unshakable Faith

Unlike most kids, Appu has been keen on having a sibling even before she was three years old. This was partly due to my mother's constant reminders about the fun that she would have and at the tempting prospect of having an inhouse playmate. However, she started getting impatient when the baby didnt arrive soon. Thats when she decided to take things into her own little hands. To be honest, there was a time when I was not too keen on going for a second child.Though B was intially against this he too had kind of given in to my wish after a point. That explains the 51/2 year age gap between the two.

Around this time, Asianet was airing a serial about Lord Ayyappan and Appu used to watch it every evening religiously. She became a staunch devotee and used to ask " Manikantan Thirumanassu" to fulfill all her wishes. Her greatest wish was for a baby in the house. It was decided that she and B would be going to Sabarimala on her trip to India. She was 41/2 then and was very thrilled to go to the temple and see Manikantan.

After she returned, I asked her what all she prayed for and she said that she had asked for a baby brother. For me it was a forgotten matter. After conceiving, I broke the news to her in the third month or so. What I saw on her face is the right example of unadulterated faith. She knew her wish would come true because she had asked Manikantan for a brother. There was a little shock for me as well - she had asked for a brother and sister as well!!! She is confident that the sister too will follow soon....

P.S: Appu is still a staunch devotee of Lord Ayyappan and was very glad to know that Aarush baby's malayalam star is same as that of Lord Ayyappan - Uthram.

Naming Ceremony Photos

August 29, 2009

First pics

Aarush's naming ceremony

Baby's naming ceremony and irupathettu kettu was held on 24.08.2009, 30 days after his birth.

We had a small ceremony at home in the morning at 8.30 conducted by my husband and attended by a few of our close friends. Afternoon there was a small sadya with a few guests and at night there was a dinner at a nearby restaurant. It was a nice eveny and the little boy has become Aarush the traditional way. Officially, he was already named as we had got the passport arranged within two weeks of his birth.

August 28, 2009


This is a miracle.

Ever since Aarush baby has come home and my little girl officially took on the title of a big sister, she has not wet the bed even once. Now its 34 days.

This is probably one of the changes that happens automatically without any efforts. Certain things are best left to change on its own as far as kids are concerned.

A young lady already..

The other day we were dressing up for a small outing while the little girl was watching TV. When we were out, she started a conversation that went like this:

Appu : Amma, have you heard of Pantene?
Me : Yes.
Appu : Can you buy Pantene Shampoo for me?
Me : Where did you hear about it?
Appu : On TV. They said it will make our hair straight and soft.

Whoa..I was taken aback. To hear this from a girl who is not yet six.

August 14, 2009

We welcome Aarush!

The elation and exhaustion I feel at this moment is beyond words. I am so grateful to Lord Almighty for showering me with these blessings!

We have welcomed the latest addition to our cuckoonest - our teenie weenie bundle of joy - our little boy - our baby Aarush.

Details of the birth

As planned, I was admitted to Al Zahra Hospital, Sharjah at 1:00 am on 26.07.2009. The surgery was scheduled for 9 am the same day. I was accompanied by B. We were joking about the ease with which we were walking to the parking lot to go to the hospital for a surgery due to happen in a few hours. Both of us were excited and there was not a trace of tension in my mind.

We were taken to a very cosy comfortable room and I felt all the more at ease. I had already decided to enjoy each moment of this birth unlike the first time where the exictement was clouded by a gnawing fear about the procedures. And probably that decision really helped.

The duty nurses carried out all the preliminary requirements and I was allowed to sleep by 2.00 am. However, I found it very difficult to even get a wink of slepp. I wanted to feel as energetic as possible the next day, but sleep totally eluded me. DH was snoring away within a few minutes. My thoughts were all about the little bundle who would join us, about how the princess would react, etc etc.

I got out of bed at 6.00 am, brushed, had a shower and was ready for the OT. Since I was supposed to be fasting, B also decided to skip breakfast and we spent a couple of hours chatting jovially. The nurses came in at around 8 am and gave me an enema. I was aksed to change into a back opening gown and I knew that the process has started. At 8.30, the little princess walked in with her grandma and my cousin just when I was being transferred to the stretcher. I spoke to the little girl and told her that the baby will be joining her soon. I could see the mixed reactions on her face, happiness, trace of disbelief, a bit shy, a bit worried at seeing me in the state I was in. But I am sure my smile and easy attitude made it easier for both the girl and DH.

I was greeted by many pleasant staff on the way to the OT. I was told that my husband could also be there with me in the OT if he could stomach it and I was counting on this. But when he was asked to wait out, I thought that this would not happen. The familar green garb of the OT staff did make me a bit uncomfortable, but I forced a smile on my lips and let the feeling sink into me. I was relaxed again. The anaesthetist was a jolly good old fellow. I was aksed to sit on a bed with feet resting on the arms of a chair and to keep both palms joined under my chin with the elbows pressing on a pillow placed in my lap and to relax. I did feel a bit nervous and it was a bit difficult to cover it up with a smile and to convince myself that I was cool. This ws the scariest part for me. And the process took longer than last time. Probably because I was too scared the first time to know what was happeing aroung me. This time I was keen on the discussions around and on knowing what was happeing behind me. The procedure was more nerve wracking than painful. By God's grace it was over without any hitches and I was moved to the operating table. The anaesthesia was starting to take effect slowly while they were waiting for Dr. Shama to turn up. I did hear someone mention that my husband would be joing me soon and he was changing. I felt very relaxed on hearing that and more so when I saw him walk in and come to my side. He was nervous by tried to appear at ease and was surprised by the calm on my face. Dr came in at around 9.30. She told me that she was surpired to see a smiling face on the table and that it made her day better. Wow..that made me feel good too.

My hubby was behind me telling me what was going on. The operation commenced and he was a bit uneasy seeing the process. I was in good spirits throughout the operation. I heard them pushing the baby out and at sharp 10.00 am the little pea was taken out. Oh my god....I was totally surprised to see the tiny little thing. The little girl was a fair huge baby and she came out with a throaty cry whereas this little guy was a dark puny thing with a teeny weeny head and a shrill cry. Even the previous night the nurses had told me that this too appears to be a big baby and both me and my husband were expecting another biggie. So it really really was a surprise. One look at him I knoe that none of the names I had selected for him would suit his tiny frame. Not Anirudh, not Mayookh and definitely not Dev Narayan. It had to be Aarush and only Aarush for this little guy.

He weighed a normal 3.2 kg as against the girl who was 4 kg. The docs started stiching me up and the whole procedure was over quickly. All the while the boy kept screaming protesting and clearly showing his displeasure at this trespassing and being taken out so early. I was 38 weeks and 3 days on this day.

I was in the recovery room and did not get to see the little girl's expression on seeing him. But one nurse did inform me that she became shy and gave a huge smile on seeing him. He had apparently let out a huge cry immediately and this amused her further.

I was transferred to my room pretty soon and was feeling as fit as a fiddle. No trace of tiredness, pain, sleep nothing. perfectly normal. Once in the room, I even mamaged to send an sms to all my friends and colleagues and even speak to a couple of them on the phone.

The preocedure was over finally and the new man in my life had joined me. I was amazed at the pride filling me on being the mother of a boy. I have always been drawn towards girl babies and this feeling was surely a surprise. I knew at once that me and this little man would have a close bonding.

We were there at the hospital for 5 days and were discharged on 30.07.2009. My husband was sleeping over at the hospital. During these 5 days, I got really close to the abby and also managed to get the breastfeeding somewhat on track though with a lot of difficulties. Home coming was therefore much easier that was the case thde first time. I was also full of energy and happiness.

Undoubtedly this was the most fulfilling experience in my life so far ano nothing has given me so much happiness yet. As I write this after over a month, I am amazed at the strength of my love for the little boy. He is my world now and the crux of my happiness. The little girl is also besotted by him and babbles a lot of cuchikoos to him.

I thank god each waking moment for allowing me happiness of this magnitude!