October 20, 2010

More Appuisms!

Appu’s comments at the birthday party:

All the kids are lined up for the spoon and olive race with their olive laden spoons in their mouth. Appu quips to the attending lady, “Aunty, see I don’t have teeth in the middle. I have only gums. It pains when I keep the spoon in the center. Can I keep the spoon on the side?”

During the face painting, one of the SFC staff is addressed by her colleague as April.

Ever curious Appu: Aunty, she called you April. Your name is April?
The lady : Yes, because I was born in April.
Appu : Oh! Then my name should be October!

October 19, 2010

Happy 7th Birthday!

My dearest Appu,

Its 3 days after your 7th birthday. Amma’s note for you is delayed by3 whole days, but I am sure you would understand that this is due to the mad rush that was amma’s life for the past few weeks.

Unlike the earlier years, my eyes well up with tears at the thought of my pretty princess entering a new phase of life…7th Birthday is considered as a new phase of development little girls. Like any other child, you were looking forward to turning 7 as you felt that it would mark a certain level of maturation for you. I loved the way that you insisted and corrected all until October 15th that you were only 6 and not 7. The novelty of turning 7 was exclusively and rightly reserved by you for October 16th 2010.

The last year has seen a lot of developments in you.

a) You have established your role as a loving caring big sister and are absolutely adored by your little brother. The two of you have even started playing games such as hide and seek regularly.
b) You have become much more confident and respond to people well. Your teacher also has commented that you have become much more interactive in class and now have a bigger circle of friends.
c) You have improved vastly in your studies. You are now showing a keen interest in your school work.
d) You have become much ore expressive, though at times very difficult and rebellious too and can back answer like there is no tomorrow!! You have even received quite a number of well deserved spankings from me for this.
e) Your dance and swimming classes are going well and you have improved drastically in both.
f) You have started abacus classes and this too you seem to have grasped very well.
g) You have started cycling around without support wheels and you have received a brand new cycle from your grand aunt as birthday gift.
h) Your reading skills have improved and you have started developing an affinity for books giving me hopes that all my efforts are bearing fruit finally.

Now onto the party details.

The preparation for the birthday this time was definitely not well planned and cooked up at the last minute as I was extremely busy at work and generally in very low spirits because of never ending fire fighting and unexpected hurdles at work place. But I am glad that Appu thoroughly enjoyed the party at SFC. It was a typical kids’ party at any other fast food outlets and almost 17 kids from the building, school, friends etc and 21 adults. The theme of the cake was “ Garden Fairy” in vanilla chocolate flavour, from Mr. Baker again . It looked much better than it tasted this time tough. Next birthday, I will definitely be looking out for better options.

I was a touched when Appu said that the best thing she liked about the party was that she cut the cake with Aarush and that she shared the knick knacks on her cake with her friends. I was also touched when she said that what she did not like was that only I put the cake in her mouth. Mom and Biju were caught up in the frenzy of cake cutting, managing the kids etc.

Appu was dressed in a pretty off white full length frock with gold leaves and loads of ribbons. She insisted on having her hair done in curls. At the beauty parlour, she put across her requirements so clearly much to the surprise of the beautician (Very unlike me who had no idea how to get my hair done and settled for a simple blow dry). I was not too happy with the result and would have liked her hair left untouched as straight and silky as it was naturally. But then, this was her day!

All in all, everything went ahead pretty well. Aarsuh was at his best getting along with one and all and generally being easy! I love him for this!

My dearest Appu, hope you have a great year ahead and may god bless you with all that you deserve!!

October 5, 2010

Ideas solicited

Another 10 days and the princess turns 7 years old. And yours truly has not yet decided on whats to be done for the special day. Suggestions are most welcome from all for a warm get together for the little misses, cake design etc.