July 25, 2009


So...finally the wait will be over tomorrow with the little boy coming. Doctor has decided it is better not to wait any more after an internal examination. There is absolutely no dilation yet. We have to get admitted at 12.00 am. The surgery has been scheduled for after 9.30 tomorrow. Cant wait to see the tiny one any more, but appu seems to be most impatient. Infact she woke up today wailing with excitement about baby coming tomorrow.

July 24, 2009

Still waiting....

Well here I am still with the big bulge! Hopefully, tomorrow's will be the last appointment and they might admit me for surgery on Sunday. All at home are ready to welcome the lil boy especially the big sis who has now started counting the hours.

July 23, 2009

My Brown Bread Winner

Appu was struck by the idea of ensuring a nutritious diet for me after seeing a recommended pregnancy diet chart in a book. She noticed that I had not been consuming brown bread as suggested in the book and has been on the lookout for brown bread since then. Now, neither me nor anyone else at home are too fond of brown bread and we hardly buy it at home.

Today she came back from Kairali with a surprise of me. She opened her tiffin box and voila..there was a neat piece of cheese sandwich in brown bread. This is what happened....one of her friends had got the sandwich for snack and she asked her whether she could take a piece home for her mom...Now I found that really sweet! The little girl has so much of concern and care!! A typical Libran I guess..

July 14, 2009

Little Red Riding Hood

I was looking thro' the old photos and movie clippings when I chanced upon this one. I just felt I had to put this down in the blog. Appu was in Little Feet Nursery then and was dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood for the weekly fancy dress. She was looking tho very thweet! This is what happened in the morning after she was dressed and waiting for the bus. Her fixation for lipstick goes a long way! She was hardly 3 yrs old then.

July 12, 2009

More works of art

A small worry...

The ob consultation did not go too well yesterday. BP has surprisingly shot up to 150 /90. I feel as fit as a fiddle though. Doc informed that they will not try and induce me due to the previous c-section. Oh oh ...what is she getting at? She suggested I wait for 3 more days and take a medication. A scan will be done on the 15th followed by a consultation. And then they will decide when to go in for the surgery...!

Since there is not much time to waste now, rushed to Baby Shop to get baby's gifts for the big sis. Since quantity always attracts her more...got a lot of things packed individually and made a mini hamper. The gifts consists of the a book of bedtime tales and an art and craft book, a do it yourself decoration kit for a lovely wind chime, a makeup set (I am not too sure of this as I have always been disapproving of her makeup craze), a lovely chain set and a pack of crayons. Feel she might enjoy opening the gifts a lot!

Anyway, now that the baby might coem much sooner than planned, I am taken a bit off guard. Have to pack the hospital bag today, baby's items are ready though. how I hate surprises...!

July 9, 2009

Paintbrush magic....

Some of the masterpieces from appu.....

July 8, 2009

Red Rose for me!

Appu was as good as her word today. She had promised me last evening that she would call me as soon as she returns from her classes at Kairali and update me on the fun she had there.

At 1.15, there was a call on my mobile from home. I rejected the call so that I could call her back on the landline...but she was not letting go off the phone I guess as the line was busy continuously. Finally, I gave in and answered her call on my mobile.

She has a surprise in store for me...and guess what that is...it is a red rose she made in her art and craft class today. She even went on to explain how it can be made. And she has kept it safely to surprise me when I reach back from office. She wants to teach me how it can be made so that we can make similar one for her dad as well! Cant wait to see the token of love from my lil girl!

July 5, 2009

Shopping for Baby!

This Friday we finally went shopping for the essentials to welcome the lil boy....trust me, that is when I first felt the gravity of the whole thing. Baby is finally arriving....I am going to be a lil boy's mom for the first time, appu a big sis, a new person at home......!!

We kept the shopping low profile this time unlike during Appu's time. Just a few blankets, vests, disposable nappies etc. Surprise, surprise...mom has already bought some gold for the lil one from the savings she could scrape together. That was really sweet of her. She has bought a chain and a small waist band.

Now on the look out for the perfect gift the baby can give big sis....my my......thats a huge task! Hope I find the most suitable thing to make her feel like "the most special person"!

July 4, 2009

I had the ob consultation today. Doc Shama has just returned from her leave and there was a huge crowd waiting for her. I was on waiting list and after waiting from 9.30, I was finally able to meet her at 11.30.

Baby is doing well. But he has again turned around again and is now head up. Doc has asked me to start walking once he turns around again. Otherwise everything seems OK. Another month more to go...the 9th month commences tomorrow. I will be having weekly visits from now on.

I have been having a few small desires that I intend to complete before due date....

1) Watch a movie - this was accomplished today. We went to watch the Mohanlal movie Bhramaram. It may be long before I go to the cinema next. Movie was so so. Appu enjoyed it as this was the first time she got to sit on a seat by herself throughout the movie.

2) Have a nice vegetarian thali or buffet. Planning to got to Dwaraka next week.

3) Curl up on a cosy couch and read a nice book. The hunt for the perfect book is on.

4) Eat a typical kerala fare, as simple as possible...red rice, koorka, coconut chammanthi and egg omelette wrapped in banana leaf...yuuuuummmmmm!!!!!