July 12, 2009

A small worry...

The ob consultation did not go too well yesterday. BP has surprisingly shot up to 150 /90. I feel as fit as a fiddle though. Doc informed that they will not try and induce me due to the previous c-section. Oh oh ...what is she getting at? She suggested I wait for 3 more days and take a medication. A scan will be done on the 15th followed by a consultation. And then they will decide when to go in for the surgery...!

Since there is not much time to waste now, rushed to Baby Shop to get baby's gifts for the big sis. Since quantity always attracts her more...got a lot of things packed individually and made a mini hamper. The gifts consists of the a book of bedtime tales and an art and craft book, a do it yourself decoration kit for a lovely wind chime, a makeup set (I am not too sure of this as I have always been disapproving of her makeup craze), a lovely chain set and a pack of crayons. Feel she might enjoy opening the gifts a lot!

Anyway, now that the baby might coem much sooner than planned, I am taken a bit off guard. Have to pack the hospital bag today, baby's items are ready though. how I hate surprises...!

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