June 29, 2009

The frequency of troubling backaches seems to be increasing by the day. The lil boy is doing well and kicking and rolling away to glory.

Appu has reluctantly agreed to accompany me to Baby Shop to pick up a few essentials for the baby. What she cant understand though is why spend unnecessarily during recession when the baby can use her hand me downs. She has set her own terms if I need her advice for selecting the stuff. Dont expect her to forego one of her evening trips to the children's park. She has agreed to come with me on one of my of days in the morning. Well...something is better!

June 28, 2009


This is wonderful. 3 whole nights of dry bed..

June 26, 2009

Father's Day

This is what lil Appu made for her dad on father's day. She took my help and set this as the desktop on acha's laptop. It was a real pleasant surprise for him at office when he turned on the laptop.

Happy Father's Day!!

I made this.

Appu has just returned from the park with a beautiful creation. She and her friends has planted a few leaves in a plastic glass and put some sand inside. Its her contribution to the decor at our new home. I loved it!!!!!

I cant answer this one...

A discussion between me and Appu while in school last week for the PTA meeting.

Appu : " Amma, this is Dafiya's bus one forty seven (147)".
Me: " Where's your bus?"
Appu: " This is my bus, one forty zero (140)"
Me: " Not one forty zero, its one forty"
Appu: " No. The why is it one forty one, one forty two, one forty three?"
Me: " Oh oh!" I better keep quiet.


Still no cure in sight for my Appu's bedwetting.

I set the alram 90 min after pee no. 1 and take her to the loo for pee no. 2. Its only after pee no. 2 that I sleep tight. Considering my ever increasing size and frequent loo breaks, sleep has become such a rare commodity.

An incident that happened 2 days back. Appu decided to sleep on our bed after listening to one of mama's bedtime stories. Alarm set for 12.30 for pee no. 2. Biju took her to the loo. I am relieved..so far, so good. I can sleep sinally. 30 blissful minutes of sleep and I wake up drenched. I could scream. My new mattress...theres no sheet under my mattress unlike hers and she has soaked it right through. Gggggrrrrrrrr!!!!!

I am not letting it go this time. I woke her up completely. Asked her to change her clothes, change the sheet ... and, I guess I took it a bit too far, gave her a flimsy bedsheet and pillow and asked her to sleep on the floor as punishment. She kept wailing and wailing. And reasoning that she did not do anything "ver bad" for punishment. Nothing doing...JUST SLEEP ON THE FLOOR! That should teach her a lesson! Biju found the whole thing very unreasonable but he chose to remain quiet. Good for him considering the rage I was in.

By 5, I was feeling very sorry for the lil girl. It broke my heart to see her cureld up on the floor with her Pooh Bear beside her. I woke her up and asked her to sleep beside me. She gave me one of her sweetest smiles and said "No problem Amma, I will sleep on the floor". Oh baby..I love u. Finally got her on the bed and asked her how she felt. " Amma, it was very cold, but later I liked the cold".

Felt guilty the whole day for this. But, wait a minute, she woke us up last night for pee no. 3. Could it be that my punishment worked eventually? Lets wait and see.....

Name Game

I had started scouring the net for names ever since the lil one was a tiny pod. A few shortlisted ones:

Aarush - my first suggestion. Loved it for the meaning( means first ray of the sun)
Mayukh - suggested by B and really unique - means brilliance / splendour

But most of all, I am almost fixed on the name I had decided for my son way back in school - Anirudh. If all at home give the green signal, it is going to stay!!! Keeping my fingers crossed.

June 25, 2009

Wait for lil brother

Its 34 weeks into pregnancy no. 2. By grace of god, mama's health is fine, if the usual back aches, tiredness etc. can be ignored. Hopefully, will be able to continue working upto D-day.

The countdown has begun and appu is keeping track of the no. of days. The wait has become unbearable for her now that the sumer holidays has commenced and she has a lot of time to while away. She will soon be busy as the summer classes will commence soon. The lil madam will be honing her cinematic dancing skills along with drawing and painting. She will be trying her hand at keyboard too. The karate classes (which she learns to hates more each day) is in full swing....she seems to be stuck with the yellow belt for long though....! She has become a lil Phelps at swimming gladly! We are hoping getting involved in all this bustle would ease the wait for lil bro.

The concept of being a big sis soon is bringing about mixed emotions in Appu. A snippet of conversation today. Biju was busy the morning getting the paintings hung on the walls of the new apartment. A lot of noisy drilling upset the lil girl.

Appu : Will the baby think that I am making all this noise?
Me : Why dont u tell him yourself that its not u?
Appu (Keeping her mouth near my tummy) : Baby, its not me. Its acha! I am a good girl today.

Budding artist

Here's the budding artisit at work...we sure are proud of her.....

Looking back

Looking back now time really flew by fast...each day my little girl was surprising us by accomplishing new feats. A tiny tooth which sprout at 5 months, the endless blabbering which were music to our ears, the first step at 11 months...it was all very fast. And this is her enjoying herself at the Dubai Summer Surprises when she was 2 years young.

October 16,2003

This is the day our little angel flapped her tiny wings and entered our nest bringing along limitless joy and light. She was a pretty large bundle as you can all see......