June 25, 2009

Wait for lil brother

Its 34 weeks into pregnancy no. 2. By grace of god, mama's health is fine, if the usual back aches, tiredness etc. can be ignored. Hopefully, will be able to continue working upto D-day.

The countdown has begun and appu is keeping track of the no. of days. The wait has become unbearable for her now that the sumer holidays has commenced and she has a lot of time to while away. She will soon be busy as the summer classes will commence soon. The lil madam will be honing her cinematic dancing skills along with drawing and painting. She will be trying her hand at keyboard too. The karate classes (which she learns to hates more each day) is in full swing....she seems to be stuck with the yellow belt for long though....! She has become a lil Phelps at swimming gladly! We are hoping getting involved in all this bustle would ease the wait for lil bro.

The concept of being a big sis soon is bringing about mixed emotions in Appu. A snippet of conversation today. Biju was busy the morning getting the paintings hung on the walls of the new apartment. A lot of noisy drilling upset the lil girl.

Appu : Will the baby think that I am making all this noise?
Me : Why dont u tell him yourself that its not u?
Appu (Keeping her mouth near my tummy) : Baby, its not me. Its acha! I am a good girl today.

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