June 26, 2009


Still no cure in sight for my Appu's bedwetting.

I set the alram 90 min after pee no. 1 and take her to the loo for pee no. 2. Its only after pee no. 2 that I sleep tight. Considering my ever increasing size and frequent loo breaks, sleep has become such a rare commodity.

An incident that happened 2 days back. Appu decided to sleep on our bed after listening to one of mama's bedtime stories. Alarm set for 12.30 for pee no. 2. Biju took her to the loo. I am relieved..so far, so good. I can sleep sinally. 30 blissful minutes of sleep and I wake up drenched. I could scream. My new mattress...theres no sheet under my mattress unlike hers and she has soaked it right through. Gggggrrrrrrrr!!!!!

I am not letting it go this time. I woke her up completely. Asked her to change her clothes, change the sheet ... and, I guess I took it a bit too far, gave her a flimsy bedsheet and pillow and asked her to sleep on the floor as punishment. She kept wailing and wailing. And reasoning that she did not do anything "ver bad" for punishment. Nothing doing...JUST SLEEP ON THE FLOOR! That should teach her a lesson! Biju found the whole thing very unreasonable but he chose to remain quiet. Good for him considering the rage I was in.

By 5, I was feeling very sorry for the lil girl. It broke my heart to see her cureld up on the floor with her Pooh Bear beside her. I woke her up and asked her to sleep beside me. She gave me one of her sweetest smiles and said "No problem Amma, I will sleep on the floor". Oh baby..I love u. Finally got her on the bed and asked her how she felt. " Amma, it was very cold, but later I liked the cold".

Felt guilty the whole day for this. But, wait a minute, she woke us up last night for pee no. 3. Could it be that my punishment worked eventually? Lets wait and see.....

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