July 5, 2009

Shopping for Baby!

This Friday we finally went shopping for the essentials to welcome the lil boy....trust me, that is when I first felt the gravity of the whole thing. Baby is finally arriving....I am going to be a lil boy's mom for the first time, appu a big sis, a new person at home......!!

We kept the shopping low profile this time unlike during Appu's time. Just a few blankets, vests, disposable nappies etc. Surprise, surprise...mom has already bought some gold for the lil one from the savings she could scrape together. That was really sweet of her. She has bought a chain and a small waist band.

Now on the look out for the perfect gift the baby can give big sis....my my......thats a huge task! Hope I find the most suitable thing to make her feel like "the most special person"!

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