July 4, 2009

I had the ob consultation today. Doc Shama has just returned from her leave and there was a huge crowd waiting for her. I was on waiting list and after waiting from 9.30, I was finally able to meet her at 11.30.

Baby is doing well. But he has again turned around again and is now head up. Doc has asked me to start walking once he turns around again. Otherwise everything seems OK. Another month more to go...the 9th month commences tomorrow. I will be having weekly visits from now on.

I have been having a few small desires that I intend to complete before due date....

1) Watch a movie - this was accomplished today. We went to watch the Mohanlal movie Bhramaram. It may be long before I go to the cinema next. Movie was so so. Appu enjoyed it as this was the first time she got to sit on a seat by herself throughout the movie.

2) Have a nice vegetarian thali or buffet. Planning to got to Dwaraka next week.

3) Curl up on a cosy couch and read a nice book. The hunt for the perfect book is on.

4) Eat a typical kerala fare, as simple as possible...red rice, koorka, coconut chammanthi and egg omelette wrapped in banana leaf...yuuuuummmmmm!!!!!

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