August 31, 2009

Sorry my little princess

Appu, Amma owes a lot of apologies to you. Amma wants you to know that no matter what, Amma loves you deeply and you will forever be my prettiest princess.

Amma is sorry for taking out my post natal irritations on you. You are the most easiest target around and though I know this is really mean, Amma cannot control it at times. Amma knows that you love me a lot and that you love Aarush baby a lot as well. Amma knows that it is not very easy for you to have another person in the house eating up the attention that would have been lavished on you earlier. Amma knows that still you are trying very hard to be the sweetest sister. But at times, things get crazy for Amma and I punish you unnecessarily and too harshly. Amma still loves you a lot. And though Amma is not spending time with you earlier, playing pretend games, telling stories etc, Amma wants you to knpow that you are very very special and will always be there for you. And very soon, we will restart all the little things that you loved doing - monthly visits to Baskin Robbins, Saturdays with Funday, going for movies, playing doctor doctor, playing "Rock, paper, pencil, scissors", telling made up bedtime stories, everything. You are growing so fast also that at times I worry whether you will enjoy these things as much now!

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