August 31, 2009

Unshakable Faith

Unlike most kids, Appu has been keen on having a sibling even before she was three years old. This was partly due to my mother's constant reminders about the fun that she would have and at the tempting prospect of having an inhouse playmate. However, she started getting impatient when the baby didnt arrive soon. Thats when she decided to take things into her own little hands. To be honest, there was a time when I was not too keen on going for a second child.Though B was intially against this he too had kind of given in to my wish after a point. That explains the 51/2 year age gap between the two.

Around this time, Asianet was airing a serial about Lord Ayyappan and Appu used to watch it every evening religiously. She became a staunch devotee and used to ask " Manikantan Thirumanassu" to fulfill all her wishes. Her greatest wish was for a baby in the house. It was decided that she and B would be going to Sabarimala on her trip to India. She was 41/2 then and was very thrilled to go to the temple and see Manikantan.

After she returned, I asked her what all she prayed for and she said that she had asked for a baby brother. For me it was a forgotten matter. After conceiving, I broke the news to her in the third month or so. What I saw on her face is the right example of unadulterated faith. She knew her wish would come true because she had asked Manikantan for a brother. There was a little shock for me as well - she had asked for a brother and sister as well!!! She is confident that the sister too will follow soon....

P.S: Appu is still a staunch devotee of Lord Ayyappan and was very glad to know that Aarush baby's malayalam star is same as that of Lord Ayyappan - Uthram.

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