October 13, 2009

6th Birthday

Appu turns 6 this 16th and she has been super excited about it. This year she has agreed to forego a party at any of the fast food outlets and has agreed to a small key affair at home. Since Thursday would be more convenient for all, we have decided to keep the party on 15th. We have invited a few of the girls from our building and a couple of her classmates. The cake has been ordered. She had initially suggested a Barbie cake, Power Puff Girls or Dora cake. But while at Mr. Baker, she opted for a Disney Barbecue cake. After the kids party, we will be having a few of our relatives and close friends over for dinner

Though in a few more days she will be 6, she refuses to call herself a 6 yr old and vehemently argues with me when I say that she is 6. Looks like she is concerned about ageing now itself!

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Monika,Ansh said...

Aww....our kids will almost be the same number of years apart.