October 11, 2009

Sweet comparison..

Appu has lately been comparing Aarush to gulab jamun. The reasons being:

1) Gulab Jamun in round and so is Aarush
2) Gulab Jamun is brown and so is Aarush
3) Gulab Jamun is sweet and so is Aarush

While on this topic, I should mention a cute remark from Appu a few days after brought Aarush home. She was sitting on the day bed in our room and nibbling on some barfis. I requested her not to eatin the bedroom and not to drop the crumbs on the floor. Her remark " OK Amma, some ants might come and seeing baby they might think he is chocolate and eat him, right?". Ahem...is this what we call chocolaty brown!

1 comment:

Swaram said...

Oh thatz so sweet of the big sis :)