October 3, 2009

Flu Attack

The flu has got a real tight hold over the entire household or almost. I returned back to work on October 1st(more about that in another post). I was pretty much OK in the morning. But once I returned, I was so tired that I could barely stand. And by night I was having excruciating pain around the sinuses. Head was throbbing. I had no choice but to go to bed early. And save for the few times I woke up to feed the little guy, I slept for almost 2 hours. This is inspite of the fact that one of our closest friend and his family was at home.

On Friday, we took the little boy to the doctor as he was having temperature on and off and was also suffering from stuffy nose. He is fine now by the grace of God.

Today, it was my turn to visit the doctor in the morning. She has confirmed that I have severe infection and that I need to take a couple of days off from work(yippppeeeee!!!!). I am on antibiotics and a whole lot of other medicines.

By the time we returned, B was getting worse. We were kind of worried when we noticed blood in his phlegm. He was also feeling miserably tired. So at night, it was yet another visit to the clinic - this time for B. He has also been prescribed antibiotics and has also been asked to undergo a few blood tests tomorrow. Apparently, the blood could be because of severe infection or in the worst case, if accompanied by high temperature, could be a sign of pneumonia. To our relief his temperature is normal so far. And B being B, he feels that he should see his regular doctor again tomorrow. He could not see her today as it was late. So thats going to be the fourth visit in a row.

Anyways, I am off work for 2 days and B is also off tomorrow.

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