September 28, 2009

Down with the flu

Right from the onset of this weekend, there has been a lot if sniffing and sneezing at home. Started with B coming down with a bad flu. With the H1N1 virus doing its rounds in full swing, we wasted no time and went to the doc. Nothing to worry as this turned out to be a normal but bad viral infection. He was advised to wear mask to avoid spreading the virus as much as possible especially since the baby is around.

No luck soon as he I am going through the same symptoms. Went to doc today and started medicines as well as lounging around with the mask full time.

Worst thing though...I have been keeping away from the little boy and not playing with him / carrying him. He is near me only when I am feeding. I miss his tiny body and warmth terribly. He is not sleeping with me tonight either. Thats one reason why I am not too keen on hitting the bed. How can I sleep without him cuddled in my arms? My little baby..u have become such a huge part of my life in so few days. Miss ur drooling kisses my little one. Love you!

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