September 28, 2009

Vaccination - 2nd month

Aarush has had his 2 month vaccinations today. BCG and the 1st dose of Hepatitis B were taken a day after his birth.

Today's vaccination were as follows:

1) Hepatitis B (2nd dose)
2) DPT
3) HIB
4) OPV
5) Pneumococcal
6) Rotarix

The 2nd round will be taken in the forth month. It cost a whooping AED 1,000/-. Baby was given two shots on his tiny bums and he took it well. Just a squeal when the needle pricked and he was back to playing with a mobile at the docs.

I was amazed to see babys weights gain. He tipped the scales at 5.4 kg today. Keep up the good work - a pat on my shoulder!

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