September 21, 2009

Breastfeeding / Pumping At Work

This is yet another thing about motherhood that I thoroughly enjoy. Aarush and me have set up an excellent nursing relationship and so far it is going great. However, I have no idea how smooth the journey ahead would be as I would be commencing work in around a weeks time. I am preparing myself for a very bumpy road ahead.

I intend to nurse Aarush until he weans himself, whenever that is. And I would like to put on record that I would be willing to go to any lengths to ensure this. Aarush has not had a drop of formula ever since his 3rd day of life and I am extremely proud of that.

As a part of my planning to continue gifting this liquid gold to my dearest little one, I have chalked up the following:

1) My Medela Pump In Style breast pump has been pulled out and set going. The pump works quite well still. A few parts needs replacement and I am in the process of location them. Else will have to order online.

2) Since I was exclusively using the pump with Appu, I am quite comfortable with it. The pumping output as of now is quite reasonable at 4 ounces every 2 hours for a pumping duration of 10 minutes. I am figuring out methods of increasing this if required.

3) I am allowed 2 half hour breaks for nursing until baby reaches 6 months. Since I would end up wasting a lot of time in commuting and since this would be more tiring, I intend to utilise this time for expressing in the office. Probably four 15 minute breaks should be good enough. I could take the breaks at 10.30, 12.30, 2.30 and 4.30. I would also need to add an early morning and a mid night pumping session to match baby's requirements.

4) Once I reach home, I could nurse baby the whole evening and at night.

5) During times of growth spurts, I could take a break from work and be at home with baby?? (ahem..ahem....high hopes)

6) I read somewhere that oatmeal helps in increasing milk supply. So I start off with oatmeal religiously from tomorrow. I cant take fenugreek as I simply cant stand the smell and dont want to go around smeling of maple syrup.

As of now, these are the plans . Now I need to wait and see how well I can execute it. The hassles in this are many:

a) Need to find a proper place in the office where I can express in privacy. The place needs to have access to water as well as I need to rinse the pump flanges once done with pumping. That leaves me with only 2 options - the loo (hygiene issues here )and the pantry (lack of privacy due to constant traffic for tea breaks).

b) Wonder how my colleagues will react to it. As far as the ladies are concerned, dont have many like minded mothers around me so have no idea whether any of them would appreciate what I am doing. Needless to say, for the guys, I will be drawing a lot of comparisons to a cow. It would be nothing more than a subject to laught at. Hope I have the guts to wade through that.

c) Breaks - though I am eligible for it, will I be really able to squeeze in so many breaks with the demanding schedule that is in store for me. I need to etch in my mind that this is my priority.

d)Will I be able to get enough output even after going thro' all this trouble? There is no point worrying at this stage. Its something I got to handle as per the situation.

I just hope this goes well until Aarush decides he has had enough. Wish me all the milking best as I set out on this strenuous endevour!


Monika,Ansh said...

I had almost the same pumping routine as yours for Ansh & am again going to pump for the coming baby. Glad to have someone to share my experiences with :)

Sandhya said...

All the very best Monika. I have changed my scheduled a bit but so far the going is great. Will put up a post on the progress.