July 27, 2010

See for yourself, have I not grown?

This tiny bundle we brought home last year is now a self propelled high powered engine.

                                                                Aarush on 26/07/2010


Veena said...

Oh my, Aarush, you are a "big boy" now! ;)
Hi Sandhya, won't you write about how you celebrated his big day? Eagerly waiting.. :)

Sandhya said...

Yes Veena.. I will do that for sure today!

Swaram said...

Ha ha yes u r :)

shankari said...


Happy Birthday to Aarush and God Bless!!

I chanced upon your blog today and don't know why - read the post about your daughter's first few months/years versus your son's first year. I have my little princess and my Medela stories and now I have a little boy who, it struck me like a bolt, I am doing the same thing that I did with my daughter, and I feel SO BAD I feel like a HORRIBLE mom :-(

It amazes me when I read moms with stories so similar to mine. I am not alone.

Sandhya said...

Hugs Shankari...thats the best aprt of blogs. You come across so many other people going thro'situations and emotions similar to yours that you feel so bonded to them. Thanks for visiting the blog. Hope to see more of your comments.

~nm said...

Belated birthday wishes to your sonny boy! He looks so cute in this dress..

And thanks for visiting amd leaving comments on my blog..

Sandhya said...

Thanks nm. Now let me disclose, ur blog was my inspiration!