August 2, 2010

Fun to be One!

It took me a whole week to put up a post on Aarush’s b’day celebrations. The mundane things in life had taken over my time!

I celebrated the day with a much needed day off from work and spend the whole day as a full time mom of Appu and Aarush. We did not have much by way of celebrations as Aarush is too small to understand birthdays now. Appu and her mom, aka me, were the ones who made the most of the day. We stuffed ourselves with piping hot just –out- of- the- kadai puris made by mom. Lunch was a kerala sadhya, a mini version though, with parippu, pappadam, red rice, ghee, payasam etc.

We had only our closest relatives and friends over in the evening for cake cutting and dinner. Aarush was looking adorable in his sherwani and Appu was a true princess in her new frock that we picked up from Avenue. The cake, sadly, had an unfortunate fall while being collected from Mr. Baker and suffered a broken hip! The candle was blown by Appu, the cake was cut by Appu and distributed by Appu in true “big sis” style. You better not expect this privilege next year as the little monster is not going to let you get away with it!

For Appu, birthdays bring with a lot of thrill be it hers or anyone else’s in the family. One can see her all excited for the full week leading up to big day. And her brother’s birthday was her special day as well. She had scribbled a lovely birthday message for Aarush on her white board which read “My dearest baby brother, I cannot imagine that you are one year old today. You are so cute. Love you very much. Abhirami” This was without any help or suggestion from any of us at home.

May this love and bonding remain as strong as ever between the two!


Swaram said...

Amen to ur wish. That ws sooo sweet of her. So, she must hv enjoyed cutting the cake and blowing the candles :)

Sandhya said...

You bet!

Arundhati said...

Happy B'day to Aarush :)

Sandhya said...

Thanks Arundhati!