August 8, 2010

Nothing short of a miracle!

The results are out for the Associateship exams! – My colleague sends me an email

I will check at leisure.... No way I could have passed!

….still….. the curiosity is getting to me..lemme check!

Shucks…the site takes so long to load! Lots of hopeful/less candidates around.

…registration no. Oh ya…I can say that in my sleep even. Ok here I go..Punch,punch, punch, punch, punch, punch, punch.

Na..I am not tensed in the least. I am certain of the outcome! The only hope…that personal request I have put to God Almighty to put in more than his 50% coz I hadn’t done mine!

Whooaa…Pass..Ok scroll up ..have I goofed up the registration no? Name seems like mine…scroll it the result of the previous exams….? No? Whey..whoaa…swoon! Miracle…miracle..miracle! nothing short of it..I passed! I mean..phew…I PASSED!!!!!! Hey guys..I ACTUALLY PASSED THAT LOUSY MARINE INSURANCE PAPER!!!! Cleared the associate ship, finally! Lalalalalalalalalala!  I am dancing! Hey! my feet are not on the ground.. look...I am flying...! 

Wait…..U deserve a huge THANKS lord! U sure seemed to have done more than your fair share!!

Now, two deep breaths..lemme compose myself and make the calls to all…after all, I need to make it sound as if it was a piece of cake without a trace of the above jerks and quirks in my voice and tone!


Swaram said...

Ha ha. So, did u succeed in making it sound like that?
Congratulations :) :)

Sandhya said...

Thanks Swaram. I guess I couldnt hide the excitement in my voice!