August 8, 2010

Overnight to Singapore

Just another lazy evening at home. An eons old episode of Mr. Bean was being telecast for the 123456789th time on Pogo. Appu is totally drawn into it and beats Bean in enacting his gross/senseless/exaggerated antics.

B was glancing thro’ the newspapers. And humble me was with the laptop, lurking and delurking on blogs when I cam across an article on Singapore. Suggested casually to B that we should consider a trip soon. This got us talking about the places to visit, the best time to visit etc. Appu, mind u, was still engrossed in Mr. Bean’s world.
The question popped by the young madam today:- So, are we going to Singapore today?
Me (puzzled) – Huh, today? Who told u?
Appu – U and Acha were talking about it yesterday.
Me – We were only discussing. Were’nt you watching TV then?
Appu – Oh oh … I already told Ammoomma that we are going today!!

And she pushes off to mom shouting,” Ammoomma…we are not going today…..!!!”


Swaram said...

Ha ha ha! She is faster than a jet plane ;)

sandhya said...

Yes, they do have big ears, don't they. I have to be very careful what I speak around A, esp. on the phone.