August 15, 2010

Money matters

While coaching Appu on the importance of taking care of her things and not wasting stuff, I tried the classic “money does not grow on trees” line. Have’nt we all grown up hearing this line? I vividly remember  conjuring up images of trees with money leaves. And it did drive home the message that money does not come easy (though only for the moment).

But Appu had a totally different view of it. Calmly, with composure that belies her age and put me to shame she quipped “ Amma, I know money does not grow on trees. There is no tree called money tree. There is a plant called money plant but even on this plant money does not grow!”

Sigh...why do they have to get so practical!!  But all I could do was to blurt out laughing and hug her!

1 comment:

Swaram said...

LOL super-smart girl :)