July 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Aarush!

My dearest baby…Congrats on completing one year. What a fun filled and eventful year it has been for us, isn’t it?Ever since your arrival, we have had so much more fun together and bonded more as a family.  Tiny little one, you have spread so much happiness in our lives!

With your sister, I have always felt that I have been inadequate since I failed to capture and enjoy a lot of exciting developments and she grew up too fast for me to catch up with her. I've tried not to make that same mistake with you. I made sure that right from day one I would cherish and treasure each moment with you. Though there were some not so good and some extremely bad days, looking back I can truthfully say that I never felt saddled by it all.  And now I am so thrilled to see you transform from the tiny helpless tadpole that you were to a lion cub prowling around on all fours, to a miniature he-man on tiny twos, always an energetic and babbling and drooling bundle!

The coming year is going to be as eventful and busy one for you and we look forward to seeing you dish out loads of exciting surprises for us, reaching numerous milestones, filling our house with mischief and laughter and enjoying each moment of our life with you.

My precious little one, as you go ahead on this beautiful adventure of life, may you be blessed with abundance of love, encouragement and support from your family and friends. May you have the faith in yourself to stand by your beliefs and convictions in face of oppositions. May you have the courage to face the obstacles head on while proceeding on the path of truth. May you have the confidence to get up after each fall and move on steadfastedly. May you have the strength in you to forgive and to be fair. May god bestow upon you good health and wisdom and may he be the guiding light for you along your path of life.

Happy Birthday my dearest little son!


Swaram said...

Wishing u a very happy birthday Aarush and a lovely year ahead :)

Sandhya said...

Thank you Swaram!

Veena said...

Happy Birthday Aarush!! First birthday is a real special one! And congratulations to you, Mommy!:)

Sandhya said...

Veena - Thank you!

sandhya said...

Happy birthday to the little one. May he always be happy.