July 11, 2010

Uff..those hows and whys

Appu’s abacus classes at BrainObrain starts today. The classes will be held twice a week for 2 hours.

The bus driver was on line with me while I was at work informing that he would be reaching below our building in 5 minutes. I was frantically trying to call home so that they would be able to get ready and come down before the bus arrives. Appu answers the phone.

Me: Appu, the bus will be coming down in 5 minutes. Please ask Ammoomma to take you down.
Appu : How do you know he will come in 5 minutes?
Me (hoping its not one of those sessions) : He told me.
Appu : How he told you?
Me : I called him on his mobile.
Appu : How "you" got his number?
Me : I got it from BrainObrain
Appu : How "they" got his number?
Me (Oh no, just what I feared!) : He is working with them. They asked him and got his number.
Appu : Okie, how "he" got his number?
Me (grinding my teeth) : What??
Appu – See, when he was a baby and a child , he did not have a number, right? So now from where did he get the number?
Me (rolling my eyes – tell me, can u expect such questions even at 61/2? I thought we were long past that) – Can you now just get ready and go down. The bus will be coming in a moment! (Thank Gawd!!)

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