July 8, 2010

The sinner in me

I have seen this tag doing its round all through blogworld and was feeling a tad low that no one had tagged me. On second thoughts, what the hell, I might as well take it up and do it on my own as mentioned in my comment in Rohini's post. To my greatest joy I have been tagged today by IHM. I am gladly going to take it up and celebrate my very first tag. Thank you IHM and Rohini.

Here are a few things traits of mine contrary to those expected from members of my gender:

1) Cooking is one of the things that I hate doing. Needless to say I am a lousy cook. B is a much better cook than me. Helps that he enjoys cooking as well. Most of the cooking at home is done by mom though.
2) I can converse better with on topics such as current affairs, economy, books etc than on mouthwatering recipes, h/m/bollywood gossip, fashion trends, skin care tips, problems with maids etc.
3) I handle the finance at home. All savings and investment plans are researched and compared by me.
4) I have smoked regularly and enjoyed it as well in my late teens. I am totally off it now and would never recommend it to anyone though.
5) I am most comfortable in minimal or no make up. I am not willing to take pains just to look good and cannot imagine punishing myself to go around in high heels or heavy silks or chunky jewellery even if the situation demands it.
6) I love reading and its definitely not the mushy romances and I cannot imagine starting the day without the seeing the headlines atleast.
7) I do not watch any of the never ending tear jerking serials on TV.
8) I love animals and most of dogs. Not the dolled up and furry ones. I mean the big and fierce ones.
9) I dislike shopping except for home decor or for kids clothes. I have a few comfortable clothes and shoes that feels nice on me and I do not mind wearing them till they are threadbare whether or not they look nice on me.
10) I do not have a fancy for those pink mobiles or the twinkling ones. neither have I ever had dainty / chunky keychains. My key chains are the no nonsense kind either in leather / metal.
11) I love cars and try not to miss any of the Auto exhibitions in this part of the world. I have been driving from the time I was permitted to as per the law. I love driving though I am not too adventurous and prefer being a safe driver.
12) I whistle and am very good at it. Whistling is a stress reliever for me much to the ire of my mom and hubby.
13) I am the ruthless one at home. I do not get moved by sob stories either in real life / movies or in books. I have noticed a change in this after the birth of my son though.
14) I head a group of 14 all male staff.
15) I am uncomfortable when others fuss over me, try to pamper me , make me feel special etc.
16) I have always kept my nails short and have short and square fingers. I have no qualms about using my naisl to pull out stapler pins without depending on the staple removers even though it leaves me with ridged nails.
17) I used to climb the filing rack to pull out files earlier whereas all the other women folk would require the help of the office assistant. I even used to change the 5 gallon water bottles kept atop the dispenser.
18) i ogle at pretty and well dressed women and am usually the one to nudge B when I spot one.

All said and done, until now I have never considered any of the above traits of mine as manly. And on the same note, I consider myself very very feminine and am very soft spoken, family oriented and shy person usually, love to be surprised with gifts like flowers, teddies still etc.

I dont think I will tag anyone as almost all the blogs I follow seems to have received the tag and will happily take up the curse.

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