July 8, 2010

To each its own!

Yet another milestone in Aarushland. He is now able to correlate things to their use. Here are a few cute examples in his words:

1) Don’t leave any hair brushes leaving around.. I will use it to comb my hair ---- so what if I use the side without bristles!

2) Wonder why amma is finding it such a task change my diapers? Poor thing ..she has to sing, coo, shout , snarl…what not to keep me from wriggling…Cant she understand that I have better no time to waste and need to rush off to my next adventure…come on …just give it to me and I know where it has to be kept!

3) First off all at grandma’s insistence they put this (girlie) tinkling silver (girlie) anklets on my legs…doesn’t she know I am a man and this thing feels so girle! On top of that it keeps coming off even when I take a nice stretch on bed…! Umpteen number of times I have to sit and struggle with it unsuccessfully trying to get in back on my leg. U cannot blame me for not trying enough!

4) All the tidbits of paper left around by my messy sis…I go around cleaning up the place singing
Bits of paper,
Bits of paper;
Lying on the floor,
Lying on the floor;
Make the place untidy,
Make the place untidy;
Pick them up,
Pick them up.
Shove it into your mouth,
Shove it into your mouth!


Indian Home Maker said...

LOL Ha ha last lines!! My daughter once picked something in a park (and I suspect the worse, because dogs were walked in that park) and before I could get it out, seeing what I intended, she swallowed it.

I can imagine his delight when he reads this at the grown up age of six! Kids love to know about how adorable they were as babies :)

Indian Home Maker said...

You have been tagged.

Sandhya said...

OMG! Kids are simply so adorable....just want to enjoy these antics as much as I can. They grow up too fast as I have felt in the case of my daughter. At times she is such a "big" young lady! And thanks for tagging me.