July 1, 2010

Appu / Aarush updates

It was just yesterday that I did a post about Aarush’s first steps. We had started counting the no of steps that he could make at a do. I was stunned to see that by the time I reached home in the evening he could manage to walk across the hall! Oh my little one…amma is so proud of my fast learner. After a long time, got to click some snaps of the two. Shall post them soon.

Appu’s looong vacations have started and yet a dilemma as to how to get her to spend her time fruitfully. Though I am averse to the summer camps that are available in every nook and corner I might eventually have to settle for one. Have seen a place near our hosue which offers Keyboard, hip hop, art and craft and English speaking and writing skills. She will be resuming her swimming classes. I also have plans to put her in for iceskating which is available at Sharjah Women’s Club provide we can get a time that can fit into our schedule. Appu has started taking Bharatnatyam training since 3 months from a guru of mine. I had trained under Mohan sir for a short duration only though. We started off the classes on twice a week basis at out house. But the uncooperative people (L) below our apartment was having problems with the noise. We decided to shift the classes to the house of another girl who is in the group. Appu is the youngest in the group of 3, the others are both 10. She has a keen interest and has improved vastly over the past weeks.

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