July 5, 2010

Review - Mummy and me

I am all bleary eyed today. Reached home at 1.30 am after having watched Mummy and Me, the movie starring Urvashi, Archana Kavi, Mukesh, Kunchako Boban etc. The director Jeethu Joseph attempts to capture a very common and increasing issue which arises due to the differences in outlook and values that exist between generations. Clara, the character portrayed by Urvasi, has regular clashes with her rebellious teenaged daughter Jewel (Archana Kavi). The father Jo (Mukesh) dons the cap of the mediator and settles the issues.

Dejected by the poor state of affairs at home, Jewel turns to internet and chat rooms for solace and finds Ameer, an orphan and fashion designer, who is able to transform Jewel by his gentle support and guidance. However, the film falls flat with the entrance of Ameer. I would have preferred it if the film projected the efforts made by the mother and the daughter in improving their relation rather than bringing in an invisible third person that too chosen from a chat room. This may give the thousands of teenagers facing oppression at home the impression that the net and chat rooms are the solutions to end their misery where they may come across a guardian angel. A better option would have been to use the services and advice of the psychologist Saleem (Anoop Menon). To sum it up, though the persistent problem was well portrayed, the solution was not convincing.

Urvasi as usual was excellent and Clara as the over protective, possessive, and control hungry mother was safe on her shoulder. Archana Kavi was a huge disappointment – be it in looks, acting, dress sense, whatever. Mukesh was passable and Kunchako too did a fair job though he is not very convincing as an MBA student with his paunch and sagging body. All my votes go to the little boy (Jokuttan - I don’t know his real name) who threw in a few refreshing and light moments and the very lovable Lalu Alex who is luvvvable as the all understanding and jovial father of Kunchako.

All in all, a so-so movie with a theme that has good potential for hitting the family crowd especially considering that youth of Kerala are slowly emerging from the conservative attitudes and daring to be rebellious and experimental causing many moms the agony and pain experienced by Clara. But the script messed it up beyond repair.

This is Aarush’s third movie after Ghost House and Ravanan. With Appu, we did not dare to step into a movie until she was all of 3 yrs. The boy, I tell you, is a darling and enjoyed the first part even sitting up in his pram and watching without batting an eyelid until sleep came over.

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