July 5, 2010

The young fans...

Been to Madras Light Vegetarian Restaurant in Abu Shagara. A small not so fancy place. But excellent food. The Madras filter coffee was just right..strong, sweet and hot….They serve excellent fried idlis as well but since we were early we did not get to enjoy it.

Watched the super duper hit, Shobana / Mohanlal starrer Manichitrathazhu for the nth time last evening. It was telecast for the nth time again on Asianet in honour of Late M G Radhakrishnan who passed away last week. Shobana never fails to impress me with her grace and expressive gestures. It’s a movie that will never bore you and deals with the relatively lesser ventured subject of dual personality. One of the few female-oriented films in recent times and Shobana has done complete justice to the role. The movie also has excellent music with my and B’s favourite being Palavattom Pookalam.

Appu enjoyed it thoroughly especially Shobana’s dance. It warmed my heart to see the little girl concentrating on the mudras and trying to identify them. Think it gave her a sense of pride to realize how the relatively simple steps and mudras she is currently learning gets interwoven to create beautiful a dance sequence. I was bombarded with questions about Shobana after the movie…who was her dance guru, how many years she learnt, did she learn the steps as well, when she did her arangetram etc etc. Shobana…u have got a die hard fan!

Talking of fans..Aarush is besotted by Waka Waka and more so by Shakira. He loved the score since he heard it the first time and invariably shakes his little bums back and forth. But ever since he watched the video, he is not willing to settle for anything less than the compete audio visual experience. Shakira’s energy and charm seems to have bowled him over!

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