December 18, 2009

Day 4 - 01.12.2009 - Kandy / Nuwara Eliya

Our plan for the day was a visit to the Temple of Tooth Relic. We could not manage to leave at the time scheduled as we had to visit a family in Kandy near the hotel. We got dealyed a lot by this visit and hence the visit to the temple was a hurried affair and not one that I enjoyed much. Moreover, I was feeling very low and gloomy as I barely managed to sleep the previous night thanks to a splitting headache! The visit to the temple was followed by our trip to a gem dealer abd we purchased a few moon stones and amethyst at a relatively good bargain.

We then began our oh so very long trip to the hill station Nuwara Eliya also called as Little England. The route was beautiful with hair pin curves, mist covered mountains and waterfalls. The trip was interspersed with light rains and this increased the beauty of the place.

We spent the night Grand Hotel, a colonial mansion almost a century old. But the trip was really long and we were too tired to enjoy the beauty of the place and to relish the rain. We all slept like logs as soon as we hit bed!

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Swaram said...

Oh the country side .. I wish like gng there nw ;)

Cn u tell me hw did u get this package ..tourism dept or any private operator?