December 18, 2009

Day 5 & 6 - 02.12.2009 / 03.12.2009 - Nuwara Eliya / Colombo/Sharjah

The highlight of this day had nothing to do with our tour. Appu woke up with a vveeeerry wobbly tooth and she barely had to touch it before it was out in her hands!!! The tooth fairy has visited us finally and that too here in Sri Lanka!!! Appu was super excited about it and was thrilled that she managed to wringe out the tooth without any assistance. She was more happier about the fact that it was so painless unlike her expectation. The new tooth had already started to peek out!

Nuwara Eliya was quite boring. It could possibly be due to the fact that by this time we were extremely tired. But we did not do much there except buying some tea, visiting a tea factory (unfortunately since it was the day after full moon day, there was no production).

The drive back from Nuwara Eliya was via a very scenic road with lots of beautiful waterfalls. We spent the night at Cinnamon Grand in Colombo once again. The next afternoon we boarded the flight back toSharjah from Colombo winding up our first overseas trip!

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Swaram said...

Wow! U hv hd a lovely time there :)
N so nice that the kids were @ their best :)

Happy 2010 to all of u :)