December 18, 2009

Day 3 - 30.11.2009 - Sigiriya / Kandy

We woke up to the early rays of the sun. There was an early visitor in our balcony - a small monkey and Appu had a great time watching his antics. The people in our adjacent room had given him a pack of biscuits and he was hoping for a similar treat to us as well. But the hotel had warned against feeding the monkeys as they tend to be a nuisance later and hence I strongly told Appu not to feed him. She was sad at this but nevertheless was happy to see his funny gestures.

As per the tour plan, we had to visit the Sigiriya Rock Fortress on this day. This is an ancient rock fortress and palace and was built during AD 495 or so. I had decided to say back in the hotel for many reasons. First, the climb of 1400 steps would leave me squashed. It would be too difficult for me to carry my girth all the way up. Second, the climb would be too difficult with the kids and none of us might enjoy in the end. It would also be too hot and sunny up the fortress for Aarush. Thordly, I wanted to stay back and enjoy the hotel. Mom and B set out in the morning to the Sigiriya after breakfast and as they left me and the little ones commenced our stroll around the hotel . Appu is such a nature lover. She was exhilarated at the sights and sounds. The hotel has three pools and Appu insisted that she has to have a swim. The infinity pool was so beautiful that it would be a crime not to jump into it without a second thought. I got Appu to change into her swimwear and while me and Aarush sat at the pool side Appu enjoyed her swim.
Mom and B enjoyed the trip to Sigiriya though B did not climb all the way up. The wonder woman that my mom is, she managed to climb all the way up. Even though the guides were trying to offer her support she rejected the offers and climbed up all on her own.

I was feeling very sad to leave the hotel and wished we had booked for one more night. But we had to proceed to Kandy in the afternoon. I left with a heavy heart and with a strong desire to return.

In Kandy, we visited a wood carving factory and a batik factory before proceeding to witness the Kandyan cultural dance and the fire walk. While I enjoyed the dance, the fire walk was a bit queasy for me to stomach. We then went ahead to Mahaweli Reach Hotel.

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Swaram said...

This is a splendid virtual tour .. luving every bit of it :)
And eh, kudos to ur Mom! God bless her with such sound body n mind always :)