November 5, 2009

Its tummy time…

Appu had once flipped over when she was barely 21/2 months and I had gone around bragging to all and sundry that my super daughter is going to go great lenghts as she had reached her first major milestone so early. The experienced mothers gave me a knowing smile. It took me a few days to realise that this flipping act was only an “accident’. She started actually rolling over when she was four months (13.02.2004 to be precise).

Once bitten twince shy…so when Aarush rolled over a few days short of his 3rd month birthday, I decided to keep quiet about it thinking this too might be just an accident. He repeated the act many more times in the coming days as if to convince me that he was in the process of mastering the trick. But doubtful mama was still not too sure. I however managed to get a video made on my cellphone during one of the attempts so that I could prove myself to others if I later realised that he was indeed turning over. Finally, a few days after his 3rd month, mom called me to office excitedly saying that he has rolled over. Hurray! (psstt…. I did not want to dampen mommy’s spirit by saying that I have caught him “red tummied” many times earlier. Atta boy…congrats!!!!! You are mamma’s super hero ! mmmwwwaahhh!)

Now, Aarush has mastered rolling over from back to front but cant get himself to roll back. He enjoys holding his head up and looking at things from a different perspective. When it gets boring for him, he keeps banging his little nose tip for the floor. If none around pays heed to this cue and rolls him back over, this is what he does in sequence:

a) he signals with a short squeak (no response still)
b) he tries with 2 more squeaks (no response still)
c) he lets out what he believes is a roar but in reality its only a louder squeak (no response still)
d) he tries banging his nose and forehead continuosly

We have not yet let it go beyond this so far.. in a short while, when mom and B are not around, I plan to see what his next course of action would be and will update ;). But at the rate he is going he will soon be handling things on his own and would not require our help to flip him back!

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Monika,Ansh said...

Aww......congrats on the milestons :)