November 7, 2009

Our Trip on the Metro

The metro fever has been raging throughout Dubai and it seemed a though we were the only ones who had not yet taken a metro ride. So when Appu was assigned the topic of “My Trip on the Metro” for her Show and Tell this week, we decided to take the trip so that she would be able to give a better account of it on her own.

This Friday we boarded from Al Rashidiya Station and traveled till Mall of the Emirates and back. We got to experience the trip during the day and at night. We traveled in both the Gold and Silver class for experience sake though we had taken Gold tickets for both the trips. I should say the trains are class, the stations are state of the art. Parking is ample. But a lot of things are incomplete and those extra touches are missing. They don’t even have adequate seats at the station. But of course, it is too early to judge.

As far as our trip goes, it was tiring as Aarush chose this day to do a lot of super - throwing up and mom and me had to do a lot of cleaning up after him. By the end of the trip he was a little irritable probably from being carried the whole day.

Appu was thrilled at the beginning of the journey. It was the first train journey for her. We had a lovely trip earlier in India but she was too young then to remember.

Appu’s sincere comments:

“Wooooww..its like an aeroplane!”

After some time…“Will we have ‘food serving’?” (She said it so loudly, I am sure all might have heard and suppressed a laugh)

After some time.....” No food??…I am hungry! I had only one dosa for breakfast!”

After some time…“Ahhh..its so boring! Don’t they sell chips in the trains?”

After some time..(she wanted to pee and was wriggling and twisting herself in an attempt to hold on until we reached our destination..poor girl)
“When are we going to get down?”

When we reached the station…”Haaah…thank you lord!” ( I love the way she thanks god!)

And when we were to start the return journey later in the day after having lunch, a stroll in Mall of the Emirates and a little bit of window shopping…“Oh! Again? ”

And after the trip I asked her how what she would say for her Show and Tell about the trip. Pat came the reply:

“ Good Morning everybody! I went for a ride on the metro this Friday. It was sooo boring.!”

I guess that sums it all up! 


Monika,Ansh said...

Lol........i loved the food part. To her credit, if it feels like a plane, the food should be served.

Sorry the little guy was trouble. Well, I have this phase coming up too.

Swati said...

hahahha..too good ..esp the last line :)

Sandhya said...

@ Monika - Yes, she is a true foodie just like her mom! :)

@ Swati - I love your blogs, both Times of Aryan and My amusing mind. I would like to see posts on the latter more frequently though.