September 16, 2009

Visit to Doc

B is still not convinced that Aarush's groaning and grunting is normal. Just to put his mind at ease, we decided to show him to another doctor at the hospital where he was born. This outcome is as follows:

His new vital stats-
Weight - 4.9 kg (3.2 at birth)
Height - 55.3 com (50 cm at birth)
Head Circumference - 38 cm (35 at birth

1) Doc commented on his excellent weight gain and asked what milk I give him. Exclusively breastfed - replied a beaming, proud mother.

2) His bouts of vomitting - Reflux, but nothing to worry about or to give medicines for as his weight gain is fine and as his wet diapers aer also ample. Just asked to feed him upright and to let him sleep at a slightly elevated angle. This is due to baby taking in more milk than his tiny tummy can hold.

3) Groaning / grunting / wheezing - Ignore - absolutely normal.

4) Belly Button - Cant say its an outie yet. Aarush is having a tiny umbilical hernia and according to doc will clear off in a year to 18 months. Nothing to bo done or to worry.

5) Yellow colur of his eyes - Is still present since he is exclusively breastfed and in kids who are only BF, takes longer for the colour to go . Blood sample taken to see the count and results are normal.

6) Jitters - Will go off on its own. Actually, this has reduced a lot now since his birht and is almost non existent.

In all, he is perfectly a fine, normal little cuddly baby! Thank God for that!

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