September 14, 2009

7 week old Aarush

Aarush now has much better control of his arms and loves swinging them, batting with them and stuffing the entire fist into his little mouth. The last one is usually done to demonstrate displeausre over delay in feeding.

He has also started cooing and gurgling a lot more and now can look at people directly into their eyes and coo and melt hearts! He loves the mobile gifted to him by Reeja Aunty which we have fixed on the head rest of our bed. He cheers the circling dinglings on the mobile with warm hearted coos.

However, the feather in the cap is that Aarush baby has started to smile. Last evening, I handed over Aarush to B after feeding and changing him. While B was cuddling him, to his most pleasant surprise, he was greeted by a lovely smile from the little one. Come to think of it, I do the changing, feeding, burping, bathing etc and the smile goes to his dad :(

This morning, I took Aarush to Appu's bed while she was still fast asleep. He managed to wake her up with his coos and then as if to make up for it, rewarded her a cute smile. Must have surely made her day.

We are also having a few concerns about him. He has started vomitting a lot lately. Not the usual posetting after feeds. This is actual forceful vomitting of a curdy, smelly kind. His weight gain seems to be fine at 4.8 kg now.

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