September 14, 2009

Its an outie!!!

The stump of Aarush's umbilicus had fallen off on the 12th day after his birth and as is the custom, we have preservered the stump. This will be buried in the yard of our home when we go on leave next. After this, we did not give much attention to this part of his anatomy apart from the normal cleaning.

A few days back, I realised that we are yet to see a nice cute round belly button on him. There is still a fleshy piece covering the belly button. And then it dawned on me.....Aarush has an "outie" belly button.

Yipee.....we have decided to flaunt it!

Edited on 02.11.2009 to add

Nope..its not an outie. He has a very cute round belly button now! It was only a minor hernia.

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