June 4, 2016

Trying to bridge the gap

Its been too long a gap that it really does not make sense trying to fill up! But the memories saved in here are so precious that it is absolutely not fair to let this blog die I have no clue where to start from. So much has happened, so many changes, so many events.

Ours is now a five member family.  The latest addition being a handsome little 12 month old.  He entered our life on May 12th 2015.  Thats our darling little Aaryav.

His entry into our life was a huge surprise.  Totally unplanned and yes totally unprepared too.  But, surprisingly, he was the missing link,  He completes our family.  He has brought all of us so much joy!  He has made us so much more happier...he has made us so much more complete!! 

This may not be the best of posts.  But I have got to begin somewhere.  

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