January 26, 2010

Magic No. 6

Yet another milestone that we have reached! Aarush has completed 6 months today. He has turned into a noisy attention seeking little brat.

The last month witnessed a huge change in Aarush's diet. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Aarush was introduced to solids by the month beginning and has by now had a taste of wheat,oats,ragi, vegetables such as pureed carrots, mashed potatoes and fruits such as cooked and pureed apple and mashed banana. So far the going is great and he has been enjoying the new meals. I still breastfeed him though it is mostly restricted to night and early morning feeds. Due to the work pressure, expressing has been cut down to just once a day and I am able to express just enough for one feed. So I have had no choice but to put him on follow on formula. Accompanied by the change in the input pattern, there is a major (and not so pleasant!) change in the output patterns as well. Gone is the sweet smelling, tumeric / mustard yellow, easily washable poo and is now replaced by more bulkier stuff that makes me want to put a peg on my nose!

Aarush has now become adept at rolling back and forth and loves to roll across the available space during his floor times. He has also been attempting to raise his body up on all fours. He has become very mobile now and somedays I wake up to see my little baby sleeping perpendicular to me on the bed. B has been pushed off and now sleeps on the day bed; the little man and I have the whole bed for ourselves now!

His social life is also developing at a great pace. He loves attention and demands it with ready smiles and friendly purrs. He has a clear preference for the fairer sex as well! From coos he has graduated to babbling; so much so that he can maintain a steady babbling conversation if someone responds back in his current vocabulary.

My little baby has outgrown most of his clothes (some of them barely used) and we are in the process of getting a whole new wardrobe for him. Now we are looking forward to his "choroonu" which will be held when we visit India in Feb.

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