January 14, 2010

Cute Appuness!

Last Wednesday Appu decided to sleep on our bed. Aarush was thrilled to have his favorite star on bed with him and expressed his extreme pleasure by pulling at Appu's hair, nose atc and cooing and giggling at her. Appu,being the doting big sis that she is, kept cooing back and tolerating the little guys torment of her face and hair. This went on for a long time and Appu's patience began to wane at around 11.30. Then a sleepy big sister comments thus to the little one "You can sleep all day tomorrow. But not me. Chechi (Big sis) has to get up at 5'O clock to go to school!" And off she marched to her bed!

1 comment:

Swaram said...

LOL ... very practical big sis :P