November 3, 2009

Lost - Art of Reading

Reading has been the most natural thing for me to do, that is until recently. I don’t know when and how it happened but somewhere down the line I lost touch with reading and progressed slowly but steadily to leave books mid way through (something I never did before, I used to read until the last page no matter how boring / ridiculous the book was). I started falling asleep after a few pages at a stretch. And finally, I quit looking in my bookshelf at the umpteen books left unread and untouched.

So in an attempt to get back into the habit, I pulled out a few unread books off the shelf and left it by the bedside so that I would be tempted to flip through the pages atleast. No luck. The unfortunate books were left unopened. A few weeks back, I discovered a small place in Al Wahda, Sharjah called Reader’s Paradise. It’s a very tiny, dingy place hidden away amongst flashier and brighter shops. It is supposed to be a lending library. I went there with the best of intentions last week and got myself registered by paying a refundable deposit, a quarterly fee and a weekly rent on the books taken. Its not a place with a huge impressive collection or anything. I thought that I might read books that I rent more seriously. Where! Its two weeks almost and The White Tiger has been read only upto the 48th page! Sigh…..can I be a voracious reader ever again! 

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