November 23, 2009


I am quite contented by the progress in breastfeeding. Aarush is still on breastmilk exclusively and he has been steadily gaining weight. I am regularly expressing in the office and so far the going has been good. I have been able to carry home enough supply to last him for the time when I am away. He also has no problems getting to my breasts when I am back.

Aarush has 7 feeds a day now. Out of this, 4 times he is on expressed breastmilk. I express 3 times a day - before I leave for work as he is usually asleep and it also saves a lot of time for me, twice in the office at about 11.30 am and 3.30 pm. This depends a lot on my work schedule and I admit I am finding it quite tough with the increased workload due to the year end. In my absence Aarush has about 480 ml of milk and I am so far about to meet this demand while expressing. The other three times he feeds directly – once when I am back from office, before bedtime and one night feed.

Aarush has not been waking up on his own for the night feed for the past week or so. But, nevertheless, I get up once at night to give him a feed and he suckles well. I do not know whether it is a good practice. But I don’t want to miss even a single chance of feeding him directly. Also I get extremely full and it gets very inconvenient for me.

I hope I can carry on this way for the next 2 months until Aarush reaches 6 months!

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Monika,Ansh said...

That's great. I so admire you for your resolve to exclusively breastfeed. I plan to do the same with my baby this time around juts as I did last time.

However, I used to pump 4 times at work as I never got too much at one go.....max 4 ounces atone time, avg 3 ounces.

But Ansh used to take directly much more. IN fact he used to be almost stuck to my breat the entire night.

Hope to learn from u a lot this time around.