November 26, 2009

4 months old

Aarush has turned 4 month yesterday. Appu woke up early in the morning to wish him 4th month birthday. At 4 months, Aarush is a active little happy baby who is developing well. He can now roll from back to front and vice versa like a pro. Each time he accomplishes the task, he loves being cheered. Then its a series of rolling over and waiting for the cheer, rolling over and waiting for the cheer and so on. Little show off he is! At times, he puts his head down and tries to pull himself up on his knees as if about to sit up and crawl.

At 4 moths, these are few of the things that he very clearly loves:

1) Appu - Oh..he loves his big sis! The moment he hears her voice he keeps twisting and turning to catch a glimpse of her. Put him in a room full of people and he will have eyes for her only. He loves the way he reads fro him, sings nursery rhymes for him, performs some Bollywood item numbers for him etc. She too is a thoroughly doting sis. I am amazed by the way she gets him to sleep. The other day I was tired and aksed her if she could cuddle baby for sometime. She started singing a beautiful old malayalam song "Aayiram Kannumai" and within a few minutes he was fast asleep. it is then that I learnt that this is his current favorite and mom sings this song while putting him to sleep. Now I have started using this melodious tool as well.

2) Ammoomma - Just like Appu, he too loves Ammoomma and breaks into peals of laughter on seeing her. He loves the way Ammoomma talks non stop to him throughout the morning when they are alone.

3) TV - Ooohhhh. If the TV is on and he is anywhere in the room, you can witness two tiny pairs of eyes glued to the screen.

4) Cooing - He loves cooing along with his dad. Its supposed to be some boyish game between them and they have a mini competition trying to see who can coo the loudest. One day I decided to joing the game and gave out a long loud coo. The little one had a clear look of appreciation on his face and was looking at his dad as if to say " Not bad Acha....she took can do it!"

5) Evening bath - he loves his evening bath soaking and splashingin his little tub. However, he is not too fond of the 2 little blue ducks who share the tub with him!

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