December 13, 2010

Thank You, Mr. Falker

When I picked up this book from the highly discounted sale at “Borders”, little did I know that I was laying my hands on a true treasure!  This is an autobiographical story written and illustrated by Patricia Polacco and tells and inspiring story based on the author’s learning disability.

Little Trisha loves the world of books and enjoys being read to. But she struggles to read on her own and finds that all the letters and numbers get jumbled up. To make matters worse she also has to hide from her classmates who bully her and call her dumb and finds solace in drawing. Help comes to her in the form of Mr. Falker, her fifth grade teacher who understands her misery and discovers her incredible artistic ability. With his efforts, she learns to successfully tackle her disability. Appu found the story very moving and was touched to the core by Trisha’s plight!

This book will be a definite source of support and reassurance for all those young ones struggling with learning disability.


Anonymous said...

must pick it up.

also thank you for blogging about the south asian challenge-you got ne interested and now i am waiting for a few books arrive from amazon.

Sandhya said...

You really should!

Wow..u too are joining the challenge...thats great! more the merrier!!

sandhya said...

The book sounds as if it might have been an inspiration for the movie Taare Zameen Par. A must watch! And I've joined the South Asian challenge too!

Sandhya said...

Yes Sandhya..its strikingly similar. In fact Appu related Mr. Falker to the Bum Bum Bole teacher herself!

And yaay to the South Asian Challenge!

Swaram said...

Sounds like a must-read!

Sandhya said...

I loved it Swaram!