November 29, 2010

Painting Competition

We had taken Appu and a friend of hers to participate in the On the Spot Painting Competition this year organized by the Indian Association and held at IHS, Dubai last Friday.

What could have been a thoroughly enjoyable and fun filled event turned out to be such a disaster due to absolute lack of planning on the part of the organizers. Seeing the huge turnout, I gave the benefit of doubt initially to the organizers who might not have been prepared for such huge numbers. Later I came to know if some of the parents that this is the scenario every year. Obviously, the turn out would be huge for a free competition open to all the schools and that too on a Friday!

The kids were divided into 4 disctinct age groups and understandably the rush was the maximum for the Grade 1 -3 group to which Appu belonged! The competition was open from 9am - 3 pm. And when we reached the venue at 9, the queue was almost a km long. Luckily, though, it as fast moving. We were able to send Appu and her friend inside at 9.30.

And the misery started from the exit from which these kids were to come out. The kids were coming out in a line with their names being called out by one lady and the gate manned by just one guy. None at all to control the parents who were crowding and pushing at the door inspite of the ladies requests. It was such a mess with the kids crowding inside the building and the parents worrying and shouting and pushing from outside. Some of the most impatient parents opended the windows and started pulling out their kids from inside. Someone called the police even (they did not turn up!!). Some of the parents (yours truly included!) made efforts to get the parents to organise themselves, moving them away gently from the exits and forming barricades. Finally, Appu and her friend came out at 1.30!

Apparently, all that they had to do was to colour (pencils and crayons) on a printed sheet which they finished pretty fast. And the highlight, Appu submitted a beautifuly coloured picture back to the teacher sans her name or any other identification details about herself!!!

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sandhya said...

It must have been a nightmare! For all the parents, and more so to the kids! Gosh!