November 23, 2010

Eid Holidays

The Eid Holidays just flew by as we were totally engaged!

The first day B was at work and mom had a party to attend at one of her friend’s place. So, I was left alone at home with the kids. When cousin A called suggesting a drive I more than happily agreed and we set off to the Mamzar Park for a while.

Second day was the more planned barbecue picnic to Zabeel Park. This was Aarush’s first picnic. He loved running all over the placing, playing badminton and generally being a sweetheart as always!

Third day saw us at the Alain Zoo accompanied by one of B’s colleague and his family. The drive was long and tiring. The Zoo was crowded and the parking was available only far away from the entrance. The queue at the entrance was long but not longer than the queue at the toilets where the stench was unbearable expectedly. But inspite of all this, we had a fairly good time. Appu loved the vultures and were awed by their wingspan! Aarush was thrilled at anything that would move and this included leaves on the trees as well. He was happy to run around, squealing all over the place. And I was not too happy to run behind him without seeing the animals properly.

There ended the Eid Holidays for me though not for B and Appu. On that weekend, we went to Musandam via Dibba with cousin A. The drive to Dibba was long and tiring again. Aarush was relatively well behaved. He is a terror in the car refusing to sit in one place and prefers to stand in the front dangerously distracting anyone driving! We were taken by a boat to Musandam. It was pleasant, the sea on one side and the mountains on the other. Though the duration was a bit too long and we got tad bored of the sea after sometime. After a while, we were taken by a speedboat to a natural cave among the limestone mountains. A fun ride which Appu enjoyed! The sunset was a beautiful sight for me and filled me with so much tranquility.

The down side, 1) food was horrible and that’s an understatement. 2) We did not get to see any dolphins as we expected. 3) It was tiring running behind Aarush who refused to sit in one place unless he was asleep and kept running around!

But enjoyed fairly well and got to spend some quality time with the little ones and that is what I desire the most!

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